The Goldbergs Season 6 Premiere Review

My favorite '80s family is back tonight with the premiere of its sixth season. While imperfect, their fifth season was an improvement on the mixed bag season four. I hope this can be another solid season, and tonight's opener should be an indicator.

It's Adam's 16th birthday, and he's not getting the attention he's used to. Bev and Murray are busy yelling at Barry and Erica for their misdeeds, and Adam gets forgotten entirely. It's just like Sixteen Candles. Later that day, Bev decides to take Lainey and Barry to an open house to show them how expensive it'll be to start a life together. Unfortunately for Bev, this backfires. Once they mention the thought of grandbabies, Bev seems to be on board with this plan. In fact, she wants to move this plan along faster. Back to Adam, at least his friends remember his birthday. Dave Kim wants to have a party to celebrate, and Adam asks Pops for help. Meanwhile, Erica is freaking out because of the high electric bill that she caused. But she's given some help when Adam asks for help with the party, planning to stab him in the back to get him out of trouble. Downstairs, Bev tells Murray and Bill that she's on board with Lainey and Barry's marriage, and also that she's suspended the Bevolution. Erica sends them off to Atlantic City to "celebrate," setting her evil plan into motion. During Adam's party, there's a few issues. Nothing that can't be resolved.

In Atlantic City, Beverly keeps rambling on about her hypothetical grandbabies, which is driving Barry and Lainey insane. Back at home, Adam proclaims that he doesn't want the party, and that it's more Erica's party than anything. This is not a great development for Erica. In Atlantic City, Lainey decides that she can't deal with Beverly as her smother-in-law, and she ditches Barry. This causes Barry to give Bev a stern talking-to, which doesn't go well for Bev. At the house once again, Erica admits her plan because she learns about it being Adam's birthday, and she promises to make things better. Adam runs off anyway.

Barry tells the dads that Lainey ran away, and Murray decides to help Barry. Not for the right reasons, but he still helps him find her. At the party, Erica tries to patch things up with Adam, and it works (to nobody's surprise). She gives him the party of his dreams, and everything's okay between tham again. Back in AC, Barry finds Lainey, and Murray actually is the one to convince Lainey to give Barry another chance. Lainey even makes things up with Beverly, and then Beverly remembers that it's Adam's birthday. They charge home immediately, because of course they do.

This was a hilarious episode, mostly because of the wonder that is Wendi McLendon-Covey. Beverly was definitely the best part of the episode, and she's definitely the character I missed the most this Summer. Her obsessing over becoming a grandma made me laugh out loud, and it was so over-the-top that I almost thought she was lying about her excitement. And then I remembered that this was Beverly Goldberg, and it only made sense for her to act so insane. It was also interesting to see the fallout of Barry's proposal, and David Koechner returning as Lainey's dad Bill was the icing that made that story such a sweet, sweet cake. Adam and Erica's storyline was pretty good too, but it felt pretty similar to plots we've already seen on the show, so it was definitely the weaker story this week. Nevertheless, while not the most original episode, or the most thrilling one, it was still quite funny and was one of the better episodes I've seen this premiere week.
Score: 8.5/10
Grade: B+

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