Mom Season 6 Premiere Review

Mom returns for its sixth season with Christy beginning law school. Additionally, the show is still heading toward Bonnie and Aadm's wedding, which I am excited to see happen. The season premiere addresses both of these ongoing stories.

S6E1 "Pre-Washed Lettuce and a Mime"

Law school is a challenge for Christy, especially considering how much she has going on in her life she has to balance. She shares this in a meeting, and it's funny when she adds on listening to Bonnie talk about Property Brothers to the list of things she has to do. While Anna Faris is endearing here, her struggle here feels very familiar--a bit too familiar. While this is a bigger challenge than her past work/school balance, it doesn't feel much different.

A flashback to Christy's first AA meeting is incredibly powerful, as she remembers how much of a challenge it was for her to not drink. Remembering this prompts Christy to keep going to law school, as she has done tougher things. This is followed by a heartwarming moment, where Christy decides not only to go back to law school, but to offer help to a new person at AA.

Meanwhile, Bonnie is working on planning her upcoming wedding. She has a funny monologue about how it's an event about her planned by her. Then, however, her part of the episode descends into a typical "woman mad at man for something that happened in her dream" story. At least Allison Janney keeps it relatively entertaining, and there are funny lines about how the woman Adam cheated with in her dream is gay in real life.

This wasn't the best Mom season premiere, but it was still an enjoyable episode. It is great to have the show back, and the humor is still great, but I wish that the episode had done more original stories than this. At least Anna Faris and Allison Janney were wonderful.

Score: 7/10

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