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NCIS: New Orleans bows out after another successful season (albeit 4 episodes shorter than  the usual due to the COVID-19 plague in 2020).  And still, it survived a dramatic timeslot change being shoved to the back of Sunday evenings to not only plug the (hemorrhaging) hole Madam Secretary left behind, but allow FBI to colonize Tuesday evening with spinoff FBI: Most Wanted.  Is CBS preparing to send NCIS: NO to a retirement home with an insulting downgrade, or perhaps is the durable NCIS chain CBS' key to recolonizing a tattered Sunday lineup?  Either way, NCIS: New Orleans is hanging tough and after an initial drop during its 2020 move, it is hanging tough and improving CBS Sundays.

Take a stroll through the chart and venture along NCIS: NO's venture from its prime development bed following original the NCIS flagship and migrating to a tougher evening.  Please note NCIS: New Orleans is anticipated to return for the 2020-21 season, and this data represents all shows prior to April 2020.  To see how Mom rated year to year against its competition, cruise through TVRG's Ratings History database as it has television data from 1950 through the present!

NCIS: New Orleans debuted in fall 2014 and bounced fellow NCIS spinoff NCIS: Los Angeles out of the plum Tuesday 9:00 timeslot following flagship NCIS (itself a spinoff of JAG).  While CBS forced NCIS: LA onto Monday evenings to make way for the latest baby NCIS spinoff.  And NCIS: New Orleans performed to expectations, debuting with a healthy 2.5 18-49 adult demographic rating and a 2.08 seasonal average.  The following season experienced a 15.9% drop with a 1.75 rating, in line with the average 10-20% seasonal drops associated with most seasons since 2007.  However, CBS upped the ante and decided to test NCIS: NO away from its parentship, sliding it back one hour to Tuesday 10:00 as Michael Weatherly felt like working on CBS again and delivered a load of Bull in NCIS: NO's former slot (disclosure: Bull is a sturdy fare and only a punchline due to being a four letter word).

Season 3 on the back end of CBS Tuesdays saw NCIS: New Orleans hemorrhage a third of its audience, ranging between 1.0-1.5 with a 1.17 average for the season.  A dramatic shift, as well as being saddled with a 10:00 timeslot change accounted for these losses.  Take great note that for this season and the prior, CBS saddled NCIS: New Orleans with 24 episodes per season, so this series was doing some heavy lifting on a tired schedule.  Season 4 again saw drops as NCIS: NO chipped its ratings tooth on its first rating below 1.0 on October 31, 2017.  The season average dropped to 0.95, dropping 18.8%.  Similar drops struck Season 5 as it ranged between 0.6-1.0, again dropping a similar 18.9%.  NCIS: New Orleans returned to its familiar timeslot for its 6th season in 2019, showing upward growth inching toward the holidays.

The new decade delivered an F-U to NCIS: NO as it was shoved into Madam Secretary's Sunday 10:00 timeslot following NCIS: Los Angeles, hemorrhagin almost half of the audience since its last showing.  However, NCIS: NO is no weak lilly, and hung through a soft winter.  COVID-19 shutting down America indeed trimmed down its episode order 4 episodes, but also facilitated mild bumps on the ratings front.  Nasty winters belted out 0.5 ratings, whereas springtime blooms pushed episodes to 0.6-0.7.  NCIS: NO joining NCIS: LA is foreshadowing a potential opportunity for CBS to allocate all three NCIS franchises to Sunday evenings.  With the FBI franchise bloodying up Tuesdays to decent ratings and God Friended Me officially cancelled (read about that HERE), CBS perhaps could be looking to reclaim Sundays and moving NCIS to God Friended Me's former timeslot.  No matter how viewers feel regarding these changes, they can rejoice the network values procedural spinoffs and appears to hand these jewels hearty runs with 9 seasons or more.  Those who question can cruise TVRG's Ratings Library and check out the CSI franchise's combined 34 seasons of programming from 2000-15.

To read about fellow spinoff NCIS: New Orleans' ratings for every episode, click HERE.  Also check out the EVERY EPISODE, EVERY RATING LIBRARY to see other shows profiled.



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