2010-11 Ratings History

Written Asking When Sitcoms Will Return to Prominence by Bridger Cunningham (former TVRG Writer)

From this display, it would appear FOX took the victory this season.  However, the victory for 1st place was placed in CBS, followed by FOX in 2nd, ABC in 3rd and NBC in 4th.  The Tiffany network's silver standard hit white gold, thanks to Football coverage.  FOX, riding high with American Idol and Reality TV prominance, hit its zenith before the reality TV bubble burst this decade.  ABC struggled post-lost and with Desperate Housewives aging, and NBC struggled in 4th desperate for a hit after the Leno experiment failed in epic proportions.  And of course, CW bottomed out in near-fractional proportions. 

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Trending Hot -- CBS and Fox were where the action persisted.  From Procedural dramas to reality TV froth, both ruled the airwaves.  CSI continued a hollow hold on the airwaves, as well as a surging NCIS franchise growing.  Even ABC registered a strong player with Castle and equally scrumptious Body of Proof.  And Football was never-fail Nielsen fudge(ing) of Nielsen Hail Mary's.  

Trending Tepid -- ABC began to lose its stranglehold on mid-2000's hits as Lost left the air and Desperate Housewives looked more like a lonely cougar squatting on a barstool after last call.  Sitcoms began to perk up the roster amidst Charlie Sheen's controversial headlines, as well as ABC's newfound hits in Modern Family and surging The Middle.  

Trending Cold -- CW looked like a shadow compared to the other networks, along with the soapy camp.  Movies were a scarce commodity, along comedy blocks outside of Must-See-TV Thursdays and CBS-crass Mondays. 

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