2012-13 Ratings History

Written 5 Years After Revenge Took ABC by Bridger Cunningham (former TVRG writer)
CBS reigned in the lead again with NBC gaining ground as The Voice shattered Nielsen octaves on the scripted and reality front.  However, the numbers in these charts as they excluded special events such as Superbowl and award shows.  NBC's average in this table appeared dreary in 3rd place, whilst they actually took the lead with advertisers for the year.  FOX lost ground as American Idol slid further down the Nielsen ladder, and ABC remained under the 4th bar with no exit in sight.  Nielsen erosion continued to run rampant with only CBS immune to the effects. 

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Trending Hot -- CBS scripted programming could do little wrong, especially their procedural dramas and sitcoms.  NBC scripted fares delivered poorly, but few cared as they had The Voice. 
 Trending Tepid -- FOX's high-rated glory flattened, along with Reality TV.  News outlets, a staple of the 90's, presented a moderately rated space in scheduling.  Sitcoms began showing signs of resurgence. 
 Trending Cold -- ABC and CW couldn't catch a break this season.  ABC's Sundays collapsed as Revenge could not hold a picket to Desperate Housewives, and CW only had Vampire Diaries to boast about as their show pony America's Next Top Model began to show its age.  Movie nights used to present a decently-rated alternative to scheduling messes, only this season came with a low-rated price tag. 

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