2013-14 Ratings History

Written at a Loss of Ratings by Bridger Cunningham 

The tide changed in the American landscape, as American Idol was no longer in the top 10.  Often the scapegoat for the ratings erosion triggered by the 2006-07 season, Idol and Reality TV's sagging ratings did not return shows to their lucrative years.  CBS took the season's 1st Place title, NBC in a proud 2nd, FOX in a declining 3rd and ABC in 4th.  Non-sports programming left ABC in 3rd, but NFL and Superbowl punched the ratings into higher territory for the other three networks. And CW remained in soft territory. 

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Trending Hot -- Sitcoms did not set the ratings on fire though they proliferated as networks were eager to relaunch the brand in the wake of Reality TV's losing grip on scheduling.  Dramas proved mildly lucrative on ABC with Thursdays, and The Voice bolstered NBC's average with scripted fares weighing down the averages. 

Trending Tepid -- Reality TV started to play out, particularly as American Idol experienced decline due to diva host drama.  CBS began to experience the same declines the other networks experienced in previous seasons.  CW's schedule did not set the ratings on fire, but they held steady against ongoing erosion. 

Trending Cold -- ABC and NBC pilots froze like Turkeys after Thanksgiving, especially on Tuesdays at 10pm on ABC or the entirety of Thursdays on NBC.  FOX scripted programming also experienced declines, and scheduling shuffles began to show wear and tear on existing shows. 

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