1993-94 Ratings History

Written Astounded Seinfeld Took So Long by Bridger Cunningham (Former TVRG Writer)

Needing a room with a new view?  ABC tore down the house and rebuilt it on Tuesdays and Wednesdays as Roseanne and Home Improvement.  Elsewhere, NBC attempted to rebuild its Thursday house of cards after Cheers left the air with successful spinoff Frasier.  But of course, the breakout topic was housed in Jerry Seinfeld's apartment featuring in-depth conversations about, nothing.  This was a sturdy addition to NBC's foundation, yet did not help the network break its 3rd Place ceiling.  CBS enjoyed another sterling 2nd place season, while FOX's early 90's launch cooled.  Behold an interesting dynamic as NBC's fortunes waited to turn around after 3 shameful year in 3rd Place. 

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Trending Hot -- ABC comedies straddled Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.  Grace Under Fire utilized its Home Improvement lead-in to sturdy results, and Coach housed a healthy share of Roseanne's noise in the ratings.  Movies of the Week heated up with 5 Top-30 Contenders, and CBS's feel-good television gave viewers a nice departure from the Relevance 90's.  FOX soaps Beverly Hills, 90210 and Melrose Place ignited Wednesdays into a competitive position due to sex appeal.  
Trending Tepid -- CBS and NBC held mixed fortunes of hits and huts.  NBC Thursdays reclaimed a tried tradition and CBS Mondays delivered laughs for adults.  But the failures flourished on other evenings.  
Trending Cool -- Save for soaps, the early 90's wonder sitcoms began to show their ages.  The X-Files made a dismal debut this season and had yet to spawn its monstrous ratings. 

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