1975-76 Ratings History

Written Marveling at Dynamic Changes by Bridger Cunningham (Former TVRG Writer)
CBS scored a blackjack year in 1st place, of course.  The real discussion is what happened to the other two networks who sat under their prominence.  In its 23rd season on the air, ABC clawed its way into 2nd place as NBC crumbled into ruins in the 70's.  Effective April 25, 2018, TVRG now holds complete ranks for the season, thanks to a thorough search of historic newspaper articles and locating a blurb of data.  Check it out at the footer of the article. CBS sitcoms preaching social issues were on their soap box in the top 30, as All in the Family, Maude, Phyllis, Rhoda, One Day at a Time and 70's tentpole Mary Tyler Moore reigned on.  Elsewhere, ABC took a lighter beat and amassed 13 of the top 30 places.  And NBC registered a scant 3 helpings in the top 30. 

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Trending Hot -- Nostalgia was everywhere with mixed results.  50's revival sitcoms on ABC reigned supreme, as did CBS' depression era The Waltons and turn of the 20th century NBC piece Little House on the Prairie.  Curious where the others landed?  Check the bottom of the charts.  Spinoffs of successful sitcoms also flashed the schedule as 6 renewed spawn became ratings winners.  Movies of the week also placed well, again.  Damn the cable companies.  ABC was the red-hot network, thanks to its generous offerings of leading sitcoms, winning miniseries and blockbuster films. 
Trending Tepid -- Variety pieces began to wane as flat as straight hair as the sketches broke the lead in their pencils.  The most embarrassing of all was Saturday Night Live.  On ABC, with Howard Cosell, that is.  CBS won the season, but their sterling silver began to tarnish after 21 seasons as ABC gleamed golden.  Police series began to fade as the decade progressed. 
Trending Cold -- NBC sunk to a new low in 3rd Place.  Medical shows were tagged and iced in the morgue, and dramas began to lose their hold over the schedule.  

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