2018-19 Ratings History

Year by year losses are inevitable with live viewing trends and broadcast network television.  For those cruising year by year, does it appear this season took a massive hit?  Glance again, as this data is raw Live 18-49 Adult Demos vs. the prior year featured Live+7-day viewing patterns.  These jolts and inconsistencies are beneficial as they expose viewing patterns.  Most glaringly, the 2017-18 data would paint Reality TV to be all but gone.  This season, however exposes fresher viewing patterns with shows such as The Bachelor and Survivor rising higher as less people view reality primetime TV later.  

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Trending Hot -- Reality TV took a battering in the 2010's thanks to trends reverting back to scripted fares, but The Masked Singer shoved the pendulum the other direction.  Promisingly, American Idol's revival and existing and respected franchises The Bachelor(ette), Survivor and the Voice bounced back to higher ratings.  CW rarely sets hot trends, except they refused to can one single show.  Instead, they declared final seasons for aged and weakened shows, allowing them to end with proper  notice and celebration.  Sports ratings remained strong, though down like everything else.  Best not to blame the kneel/squat/sit/lie down/lie flat controversy as everyone went down deeper this season.  As seen by rankings 46-146th Place, series ranking in fractional territory became common sites.

Trending Tepid -- Breakout scripted programming turned to ash after This is Us' Jack died from smoke inhalation on This is Us.  Indeed, scripted series outnumbered the schedule's remains, but fewer cracked into the top 30.  ABC sitcoms, once the network's landmark of prominence, faded and chipped into fractions.  Shows rating above 1.0 remained existent, though declining deeper into the season.  Friday night programming bounced back from disposal grounds for shows to modest players.  CBS' procedural playpen flourished, and FOX enjoyed a brief renaissance with Last Man Standing igniting fall on fire.

Trending Cold -- Revivals may have been the rage the prior season, but they were gimmicked out not too long after.  Blame Roseanne's moods on Twitter, but revivals collapsed.  Magnum PI debuted to underwhelming results, Will & Grace crashed, The Conners only survived due to controversy and Murphy Brown never stood a chance as it debuted soft and was filibustered as it complained too loudly about the POTUS.

Source -- https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/ratings-broadcast-network-series-2018-19-1213344

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