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And so ends another sturdy staple in CBS' leacy, twice.  Hawaii Five-0 holds the distinction (by name) of traversing CBS' schedule for 22 of its 72 years on air, outplaying Law and Order: SVU by one season (by name that is). The divisive factor, however, is the current mainstay ending tomorrow is a reboot of the original 1968-80 hit machine (for more about this show's ratings success, check into TVRG's Ratings History Library).

The original series starred Jack Lord and Steve Denning for the entirety of the 12 seasons, with James MacArthur and Kam Fong remaining with the series from beginning long into the later seasons.  Like the original series, the H50 revival (distinguished as it traded the "O" for a numeric "0"), the revival, which arrived 42 years after premiere, held 4 cast members for the meat an duration.  James Caan and Alex O'Loughlin lined the entirety of the series with Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park contracted through the first 7 seasons.   Both successful, and the 21st Century revival cemented CBS' less desirable timeslots and may perhaps have lasted longer.

2010-15 Ratings

2015-20 Ratings

Both series traversed CBS' lineups for long stretches, yet plastered differing sections of the schedule.  The original only intersected on Fridays in fall 1975, instead bouncing between Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, only to get burned [off] on Saturdays in spring 1980.

Unlike 20th century Hawaii-5-O, the revival remained in solid volcanic soil on CBS 10:00 Mondays for 4 seasons.  Perhaps plotting over scheduling can be attributed to drops after Season 3, but the series demonstrated stability against changing times as demonstrated through the tables.  CBS opted to relocate H50 to Friday at 9:00 at the start of the 5th season, and the series prevailed.  It colonized the timeslot, well into its last season before being slid forward for the earlier run.  And yet as demonstrated in the table above, Hawaii 5-0 stood strong!  And its parting legacy is Blue Bloods, MacGyver and fledgling Magnum PI perhaps will hol down the fort after H50  bid adieu tomorrow.

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