1990-91 Ratings History

Written Torn Between The Cosbys and The Simpsons by Bridger Cunningham (former TVRG Writer)

Cheers, a show which debuted close to last in 1982, finally peaked in 1st Place during its 9th season.  NBC, however, sat in 2nd Place as ABCs sitcom blocks raged like Nielsen bulls.  Roseanne led the charge, albeit ratings were softer than the first two seasons.  CBS continued to struggle for a 4th season in 3rd Place, and FOX grew in decent shares in the abyss, thanks to the Simpsons and Married... With Children capitalizing on curiosity. 

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Trending Hot -- Thursday nights became a prime battle ground as FOX boldly attacked NBC's Thursday lineup by juxtaposing The Simpsons against The Cosby Show.  Cosby won of course, yet slipped to 4th Place after reigning for years.  Comedy blocks ruled, with CBS taking Mondays, ABC sweeping Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, and NBC perched on Thursdays and Saturdays.  FOX made a soft delivery in comedy blocks on Sunday, starting a tradition which carried well into the 2010's.  News outlets such as 60 Minutes and 20/20 became a dependency in the midst of Desert Storm. 

Trending Tepid -- NBC lost its touch after ruling the late 80's as its golden sitcoms ruled for years.  Thursdays reigned strong, yet Saturdays softened.  FOX teen/20-something shows made a silent debut with soap Beverly Hills, 90210.  Movie nights placed decently for the whole season, yet delivered softer entries. 

Trending Cold -- CBS again failed to ignite a spark in another forgettable year.  CBS soaps declined, with Dallas ending after a 14-season run, leaving Knots Landing the remains of the network suds. 

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