Summer Renew/Cancel, Week 1: Reverie Is a Likely Cancellation

Welcome to the first week of the 2018 Summer Renew/Cancel! There's not too much to discuss this week with just one Summer-exclusive series debuting so far, but more shows will be added in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for my analysis on NBC's new Summer drama, Reverie.

Certain to be Canceled:

Likely to be Canceled:
Reverie (0.6)

Leans Cancellation:

Leans Renewal:

Likely to be Renewed:

Certain to be Renewed:

Fate Determined:
Code Black (Canceled)
Elementary (Renewed)
Quantico (Canceled)
Shades of Blue (Final Season)
The 100 (Renewed)

Yet to Premiere:
Marlon (June 2018)
Take Two (June 2018)
Salvation (June 2018)
Burden of Truth (July 2018)
The Outpost (July 2018)
Trial & Error (July 2018)

Reverie: The sci-fi drama premiered on Wednesday night, to dismal ratings. With just a 0.6 for the opening night, Sarah Shahi's new drama can only be described as a huge flop. It held just 50% of its American Ninja Warrior lead-in, which is really awful. The likelihood of a second season is very low, considering that it's very unlikely that the show will settle at 0.6. Even if it did, that's not exactly a good start. I like to avoid calling things 100% dead from the start, so I'll start this one as a LIKELY CANCELLATION, but expect a downgrade as early as next the next Renew/Cancel, especially if it dips to 0.5.

With no new shows premiering in the coming week, the Summer Renew/Cancel will take next week off, but join me in two weeks for my initial thoughts on NBC's sophomore comedy Marlon.

What do you think of my predictions? What do you think will become of Reverie? Let me know in the comments below.

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