Cable Renew/Cancel: Paramount, TV Land, FXX - Yellowstone a Likely Renewal, American Woman a Likely Cancelation

Welcome to the newest Cable Renew/Cancel installment for Paramount Network, TV Land, and FXX. We have lots of predictions to sort through this week, so let's just get to the predictions! And let me remind the readers that we do not include shows that were canceled before their premieres for Cable Renew/Cancel purposes, which explains why Heathers is not on the Paramount table.

Bar Rescue
Certain Renewal
Lip Sync Battle
Likely Renewal
Likely Renewal
Ink Master: Angels
Leans Renewal
American Woman
Likely Cancelation
Ink Master
American Woman: The show crashed to half of its numbers in week 2 and stayed low for week 3. If a rating in the low 0.1 range caused The Shannara Chronicles to be canceled (when Paramount was known as Spike TV), then American Woman will likely suffer the same fate. It's downgraded to a likely cancelation.

Yellowstone: The show pulled a 0.33 in the adults 18-49 demographic last night, shedding 8 hundredths. However, that is way more than respectable for the fledgling network at its current ratings level. It is currently a likely renewal, and I don't see why Paramount wouldn't renew it.

Leans Renewal

Nobodies: Since the previous Renew/Cancel post, TV Land and Paramount Network have jointly decided to cancel Nobodies. It's no surprise to anyone reading the Renew/Cancel column, as this was a correct prediction for the TV Ratings Guide.

Teachers: As for Teachers, Teachers went low in week 2 and week 3, but recovered in week 4. A cancelation for Teachers would only leave Younger as the only returning series on TV Land by next season. It's still too early to make a definite call, but its numbers are not as bad as Nobodies' was. At this point, I'm still leaning towards renewal for Teachers.

You’re the Worst
Renewed for a Final Season
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Returns September 5

It's all quiet on the western front on FXX, but we have the premiere date for It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Until shows premiere on this network, we'll keep an eye on more updates. Archer's fate will be up in the air for the upcoming tenth season, but other than that, FXX will remain quiet.

What do you think about the predictions? Sound off in the comments below!

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