Network - Episode 1.14 - The Night Of

1x14 - “The Night Of”

By: Jessica Boggs

The network is housing a premiere party for Psych Med. The readers are cordially invited to the
festivities. Several people, including actors and producers, as well as writers and critics are having
a good time, drinking, and dancing to club music.

Jesse (excited): Now this is a party!
Kasey (in agreement): You said it, kiddo.

Leah, across the room, calls out.

Leah: Hey Kasey! Over here!
Kasey: Coming!

She then turns to Jesse.

Kasey: Gotta go, Jesse. I'm meeting up with a friend.

Kasey then leaves and heads over to the vicinity of Leah.

Leah: Will, let me introduce you to Kasey.
Will (greeting): Hello, Kasey!
Kasey: Hi Will! Great party, isn't it?

Across the room, a man named Dave meets up with Jesse. Dave is Jesse’s childhood best friend.

Dave: Hey Jesse. How are you holding up?
Jesse: To be expected, Dave. Holly and I are broken up right now. But we are hopeful that things
will work out for the best.
Dave: Glad that you're holding up. Pregnancy can take a toll out of anyone. Well, I gotta go dance.
Nice chatting with you, Jesse!
Jesse: Nice to catch up with you too, Dave. And congratulations on Psych Med, man!
Dave: Thanks, it is my pleasure!

All of a sudden, Holly shows up out of nowhere, dressed to kill in a sequined dress. Jesse’s jaw
drops to the floor.

Jesse (awkwardly): Holly? What are you doing here?
Holly: I came to explain things. We're going outside to chat. In private.
Holly and Jesse left the scene. As the party goes on, Ash and Leah are noticeably flirting, Dave
is dancing with Tara, an actress, and Charlie joins in.
Tara: This is fun guys!
Charlie (in agreement): Right back at you, girl!

All of a sudden, Ash interrupts the commotion and attempts to make a toast. Everyone pauses.

Ash: Hey everybody, I have an announcement to make!

The crowd is in silence.

Ash: I want to thank each and every one of you for showing up. This network party has been a success.

The crowd roars in applause.

Ash: What I want to say is, that this is a celebration of many achievements. The President's Daughter
has been nominated for an Emmy for Best Drama! And I also like to say that we have been fortunate
to host this premiere party of Psych Med.

Applause breaks out.

Ash: That’s right! Psych Med premiere is tonight, and we are really excited to see how it does.

All of a sudden, Tara faints, causing the lamp to crash.

Kasey: Oh my gosh! Tara just fainted! Somebody help her up, please!

The music stops. Charlie tries to help up Tara.

Charlie: Tara, are you okay? Tara?

Tara is unresponsive. Gabe, an actor frantically yells.

Gabe: Somebody call 9-1-1!

Kasey then grabs her cell phone and heads outside. The guests are dismayed.


Kasey: Hello operator, get me an ambulance to 1347 West Manhattan Blvd. A guest at our network
premiere party has just fainted and she's not responding.

Holly and Jesse rush to the scene. They meet Kasey.

Jesse: Oh no! What happened?
Holly: Something happened. It's bad.
Kasey: One of the guests have just fainted. She's not responding.

Holly then cries hysterically.

Jesse (mortified): Why does this happen when I'm outside having a private conversation?
Kasey: I'm really scared for her to be honest.

Tara stayed overnight for observation at the hospital when she walked out of her room, ready to be
discharged. Kasey is in shock and excitement.

Tara (confused): What happened?
Kasey: Tara! You're okay!
Tara: Of course I’m okay. Why am I in this hospital? What am I doing here?
Kasey: You fainted last night at the party.
Tara (mind blown): Hmmm...I’m ready to get out of here!

Since it is morning, next week’s episode continues where we left off and the numbers are in! Make sure
to read next week’s Network to get the juicy scoop!


NETWORK is written and executive produced by Jessica Boggs and production is overseen by TVRGO. 

NETWORK is one of The TV Ratings Guide's first ORIGINAL SERIES, an exclusive feature of  The TV Ratings Guide.


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