Network - Episode 1.12 - Aftereffects (Summer Premiere)

1x12 - “Aftereffects”

By: Jessica Boggs


When we last left the gang a few months ago, Holly and Jesse were broken up. Holly has since
had a miscarriage, Jesse got rehired at the network at a lower position, and Kasey got promoted.
But right now, we don’t know what’s going on with Holly. She is laying nearly lifeless in bed at
this scene.

Holly: What have I done? What do I have to live for now that my baby is gone?

The phone rings. Holly is puzzled.

Holly: Oh well, it’s Leah. Is she going to blow it in my face that Jesse is with someone else?

She picks up the phone.

Holly (stunned): Hello?


Leah: Holly, it’s me. I’m calling to check up on you. Everything okay?


Holly is stunned.

Holly: I don’t know. I’m just tired, not up to anything.
Leah: Yeah, it’s been a rough few months.
Holly: Things haven’t been the same since the break-up.
Leah: Tell me about it. Jesse played both of us.
Holly: I thought you were going to blow this up on my face or something.
Leah: Well...I’ll be at your place in fifteen minutes.
Holly (puzzled): Well, okay.

Holly hangs up. She gets out of bed, makes an ample attempt to get dressed, but she comes back in sweats.


There is a knock on the door. Holly rushes to answer, and lo and behold, it’s Leah.

Leah: Let me explain some things. Please do not think that this is an attempt to blow the jerkwad being
with someone else in your face or anything. He played you, he played me. I’m here to make things right.
Holly (stunned): Make things right?
Leah: Yeah make things right. That piece of s*** made promises to you that he had no business keeping.

Holly slumps.

Leah: Now, now, there is no reason to slink into ice cream and Netflix mode, in your room crying, and
watching romantic comedies. Ain’t nobody got time for that, Holly. It’s time to get a makeover.
Holly: Wait, what?
Leah: You heard what I said? A makeover. For you. Not the decrepit lanky dumpster fire like the
a*****e in his birthday suit. For you. Now go to your closet and see what you got.

The girls travel to the closet, where Holly’s clothes resides.


Leah: Whoa folks! This calls for a style inspection.
Holly: Well, I haven’t had much to choose from since I moved back here. I got rid of all of my previous
clothing before I got pregnant and subsequently lost the baby.
Leah: It’s all maternity clothing, sweatshirts, and sweatpants. Wait a minute? Lost the baby? This is new.
Holly: I had a miscarriage. I ate ice cream and watched Netflix plus exerted myself to the point of
Leah: Whoa. I’m so sorry, Holly. I had no idea.
Holly: It’s not your fault my life is a mess right now.
Leah: Stop the negative self-talk and come with me.

Holly and Leah exit the scene.


Jesse sits in his office, going over paperwork. Note to the audience, this is not the same office he
was working at prior to upfronts. Ash comes into the scene unannounced by opening the door.

Ash: Jesse? I see you are going over paperwork. How are you doing?
Jesse: Alright. I don’t know how to repay you. I hope I don’t screw this up again.
Ash: It’s been a tough couple of months, I see. The breakup, the miscarriage, everything.
Jesse: Yeah, it’s rough. But I don’t have ill will towards Holly in any way. At this point, I don’t care.
Ash: Wait a minute, this is not the same Jesse from a couple months ago. Remember when you said,
“Holly loves me.” and all that jazz?
Jesse: That was back then. You also said that I was hung up from Leah, and we’re cool now.
Ash: This is not about Leah. We both know Leah is perfectly okay. It’s about Holly. Holly has mostly
been eating ice cream and watching Netflix since the miscarriage.
Jesse: Like I said, it’s in the past.
Ash: There is no reason to be cruel to her. You loved her, and I’m sure she loved you. I mean, this has
been affecting her more than you know.
Jesse: Look, Ash. You were right. The relationship was hindering my personal and professional life,
whether if she didn’t mean to or not. She’s in the past.

Kasey then enters the scene, as if she is overhearing a story on TMZ.

Kasey: Okay, what is going on here?
Ash: Jesse is having relationship problems again.
Kasey: Wait a minute...I did not realize he and Holly are having problems.
Jesse: Um, honey, it was over a long time ago.

Charlie then enters the scene.

Charlie: Hell hath no fury like a woman in tights overhearing relationship drama. Rumor has it
Jesse Meadows goes from one girl to another like a dog eating its next meal at a dumpster.
Ash: Charlie, we are at a business meeting here.
Charlie: A business meeting? Really? I am overhearing that the conversation is about Jesse
knocking up Holly only to reject her and leave her out to dry to make out with the next girl within
fifteen minutes after upfronts. It’s like a poorly-written disaster movie waiting to happen.
Ash (furiously fuming): We already knew that. He was on administrative leave. Without pay!
And Leah called me to tell me she is taking the morning off to give Holly a makeover after
suffering a miscarriage.
Charlie (with sadness): Oh that poor girl. She does not deserve this.
Charlie then turns to Kasey, in a furious note.

Charlie: If there’s one thing I hate, it’s girls like you who fall for dogs like him. The indecisive
jerk will turn on you every chance he gets.

Jesse understandably is without words.

Kasey: But, but…
Charlie: But nothing. You two arrived dead on arrival. On shaky ground. It’s not going to last.

Charlie turns to Ash.

Charlie: Now if you excuse me, I gotta run. I need to make things right with her and Leah is
over there right now.

Charlie exits the scene. Ash, Kasey, and Jesse are speechless.

Jesse: I got nothing.
Ash: Get back to work, Jesse. When Leah gets back, give her the reports on scheduling for writer’s pitches.
Jesse: Will do.
Ash: Kasey, come with me. We need to look at the pilots in contention for midseason.
Kasey: Alright.

Kasey and Ash leave the scene. Jesse nervously sits back at his desk working on reports among
other things.

A noticeably different looking Holly is with Leah getting pampered. Charlie then walks on in.

Charlie: Hello ladies. Long time no see. Wait, don’t say anything. I’m here to make things right.
Holly: Charlie Heist? What are you doing at the Ooh La La Salon of all places?
Leah: I was going to ask you the same thing. And what is up with that H&M getup? Are your outfits
getting more outrageous?
Charlie: That would be H&M mixed with Michael Kors. And I hate to be changing the subject,
but it’s time for me to own up to what had been averted. The baseball bat incident was uncalled
for and Holly, you did not deserve this. I am sorry.
Holly: It’s okay. It’s all in the past.
Charlie: But what I do have to say is, ooh la la. That hairdo is looking fabulous on you.
Holly: Thank you.
Charlie: And I have to add this. That Jesse is an indecisive punk. Honey, you are better off without
him. I hope you see that. You are making a commendable step to focusing on you. That’s more important
than anything.
Leah: I think it’s time we all join forces. We don’t know what Jesse is doing, but we have to get Holly
on the right track.
Holly: Thanks guys. Focusing on me would be a good thing. Let’s do this!

With that being said, the second half is starting out with a bang. Next week, big names are coming
to New York City. Let the hijinks begin!

NETWORK is written and executive produced by Jessica Boggs and production is overseen by TVRGO. 

NETWORK is one of The TV Ratings Guide's first ORIGINAL SERIES, an exclusive feature of  The TV Ratings Guide.


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