The 100 S5E6 Review

The 100 returns for a week before taking another week off. War continues, as the battle between Octavia and Diyoza intensifies and people question their allegiance to Wonkru.

S5E6 "Exit Wounds"

Despite the time that has passed, Octavia is still unhappy with Echo for the people that she killed, demanding that Echo leaves the camp within the next 24 hours. When shipments of food arrive with a message, allowing members of Wonkru to defect to live in the valley. Octavia gives Echo a chance to avoid banishment by asking her to turn in people who plan on defecting. This creates an interesting dilemma for Echo, and it's definitely the most interesting thing she has dealt with so far this season.

Echo ultimately decides not to tell Octavia who plans to defect, but Bellamy makes a deal with Octavia to let Echo defect. However, he learns that this did not apply to the others who defected, who are shot at as they run. Once aboard the ship, we get to see yet again how complicated of a person Diyoza is. She doesn't completely treat the defectors as prisoners, but she takes precautions, putting shock collars on all of them.

Clarke and Madi's story also deals with Octavia, in Clarke's uncertainty of how she will react to the fact that Madi is an authentic nightblood if she finds out. Clarke tells Madi to lie to everyone about how she survived, which she doesn't like to do, considering how she idolizes Octavia because of the stories Clarke told her. However, Niylah and Gaia make Clarke realize that this isn't going to work. Clarke tries to get Madi to return to the valley, but Madi has a different plan.

Madi believes that Octavia will be receptive to the truth, so she sneaks off to tell her, under the motive of protecting Clarke. I really enjoyed this interesting dynamic here, how Octavia relates to Madi even though Clarke and Octavia continue not to see eye-to-eye, and how Clarke feels like she should be protecting Madi, not the other way around. These characters are complex, which makes their interactions and dynamics interesting.

This was a very enjoyable episode of The 100, because it dealt with the kinds of things the show does best. Specifically in this episode, it dealt with dilemmas, wondering who can be trusted, and interesting dynamics between complex characters, especially everything revolving around Octavia.

Score: 9/10

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