50 Worst Shows of the 21st Century : 6th-10th Most Insulting TV Shows

FOX dominates this offensive list featuring sexual assault, cultural stereotypes, insulting viewers' intelligence and scripted shows delivering poor quality.  2023 taught viewers the entertainment industry doesn't care if they like television, they're going to deliver these awful shows whether they like if or not.  If one is just joining the party, catch up on the prior 40 offenders and prepare to continue lowering the bar...

10. Farmer Wants a Wife, CW (2008) and FOX (2023-present)

The only current survivor that has not been cancelled on this list, this reality TV show hardly stands out as an updated Bachelor competitor.  Disclosure, this entry is not for the successful Australian series which displays the beauty of being down under (no pun intended).  But FOX's revival lacks two key ingredients Reality TV viewers need to be hooked: An interesting cast and a captivating setting.  FOX's incarnation lacks both elements with boiler plate contestants, and a lack of a picturesque setting.  While no slam on Missouri, the setting hardly captures the rugged beauty of rural Australia and the elements offered.  Viewers need both as a television is an escape from day to day life, and the American Farmer Wants a Wife does not offer this perk.  

There is no lack of beauty in the contestants, but rather they bore viewers to tears.  This can be seen in FOX's lack of variety in advertisements.  The only visible promo featured the lead saying "This is a lot harder than I thought it was gonna be!"  Why invest in that when The Bachelor/ette continually offers updated promos throughout the season with twists and hooks.  The show could fall off this list if FOX locates intriguing contestants and shells out more money for advertisements.  But it is the 2020's and networks are tightwads with how they invest in their shows, so prepare to be bored yet again in 2024.

9. The Chew, ABC (2011-18)

The longest surviving show in this list, The Chew did not make this list due to the content, but rather what its significance meant to daytime viewers.  If anything, the show's content was good.  It featured a strong lineup of hosts with Mario Batali, Carla Hall, Michael Symon, Daphne Oz and Clinton Kelly.  The food was appealing, the hosts energetic and punchy wellness skits did make a nice variety.  

Again, why did this show land here?  It replaced longstanding 41-year old soap All My Children, which left fans writhing as it also took out fellow soap One Life to Live.  A pity as the show was a nice offering, but left longtime fans embittered and refusing to watch the talkshow that killed their beloved soap.  Adding salt to their deep wounds was ABC shamelessly plugged advertisements in their soap to nausea, leading many fans to instead call it "The Screw."  The name itself was used to market in compatibility with then-popular The View.  Time helped that the grudge and viewers began to embrace the show, which did put out a tasteful product.  However, its 7th season dealt devastating blows as Mario Batali was called out in the #MeToo movement due to sexual misconduct.  His dismissal extinguished the magic, and the series was axed by the season's close.

8. Almost Family, FOX (2019-20)

This entry stands as the most sexually vile entry on the list due to violating nature of the premise.  Fertility doctor Leon Bechley (Timothy Hutton) deceitfully used his own specimen to impregnate over 100 women, leading to three half siblings coming together to realize they were the product of sexual assault.  Even if FOX chose to exhibit better taste during the #MeToo era and had it known and consented Leon was the donor for these children, the context of the show was a hard act to follow as it did not speak to realism which convoluted the plot.  FOX revoked Almost Family's medical license for indecent and amoral acts on viewers, who chose not to tune in to a dramedy which instead had viewers tightly clenching their legs together for protection.

7. Dads, FOX (2013-14)

A sturdy cast consisting of Martin Mull, Peter Reigert, Seth Green and Giovanni Ribisi, a decent timeslot.  What could ruin a freshman sitcom?  One which is so unfunny the laugh track overshadows the actors.  Dads sat on Tuesday nights when FOX invested in holding 4 sitcoms on this evening, which ended soon as Dads dragged down the lineup.  The criminal part was it followed slick and stylish pilot Brooklyn 99, which too had its ratings dragged down by incompatible scheduling with Dads.  Thankfully, FOX spared Brooklyn 99 when upfronts culled this embarrassment off the schedule.

6. United States of Al, CBS (2021-22)

The first sitcom to feature an Afghani lead should have set critics ablaze with applause.  Too bad the show featured a weak cast and made a laughing stock of stereotypes which did nothing to enhance or educate on the culture.  Like many Chuck Lorre sitcoms, it came with a mandatory laughtrack.  Perhaps that was a blessing as it reminded viewers when they were supposed to be laughing as the material was none of the sort.  US of Al did briefly compel viewers and give a better delivery in a standalone episode relating to the 2021 Afghanistan conflict, displaying character developments for the principle characters.  

Had they continued on this route, the show perhaps could have survived.  But they went back to the same tired formula, and US of Al squandered its prized timeslot wedged between Young Sheldon and breakout hit Ghosts.  Come chop time, it was no loss to see this joke of a sitcom go.  The real tragedy was it dragged down another Chuck Lorre sitcom, B-Positive, which had improved after Lorre revamped to acclaim.  And sadly, its weak replacement, So Help Me Todd, is a mild step up from this dated disaster.

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