Marietta Season 6 Episode 10 - All I Want for Christmas (Midseason Finale)

Marietta Season 6, Episode 10
All I Want for Christmas

Marietta walks into the mayor’s office.

Marietta: Last work day of the year, girls!

Henrietta: Oh my god, really? Where has this year gone?

Marietta: You think it went quick? That was the longest campaign of my life!

Amy: Oh, come on! You ran against a guy who paid for hookers, surely the race against me was tougher on you.

Marietta: I was always ahead in that one.

Amy: Well, merry Christmas to me.

Marietta: I wasn’t dragging you! I was just being honest. I thought I was going to lose this one.

Tammy: You kinda thought you were going to lose to Amy, too.

Amy: Thank you, Tammy. What an amazing Christmas gift.

Tammy: Oh, speaking of Christmas gifts! Marietta, my gift for you just arrived in the mail yesterday. It is perfect, you’re going to flip when you see it.

Marietta: We said we weren’t going to go crazy with the presents this year! Just simple things!

Tammy: That’s just something someone goes along with to be polite when it’s suggested to them. What am I going to say? “No, you have to spend more money on me than you were planning to!” I don’t think so.

Amy: Well let me be the first to make it clear I did not get you anything extravagant. I listen.

Tammy: Oh, now she’s going to use it to drag me? Disgusting!

Amy: You ignored her wishes, you should be dragged.

Tammy: Can we get to work please?

Marietta: I can’t focus on work, not with this looming Christmas present scandal!

Tammy: Not everything is a scandal!

Marietta: Okay, the looming Christmas present debacle.

Tammy: I don’t care if you just got me something small, it’s the thought that counts.

Marietta: I don’t want the gift quality tote so uneven. You deserve a good gift.

Tammy: I was First Lady. I promise you, I want for nothing. I have a hankering for a boba tea, I can have a Secret Service guy go get me one!

Henrietta: Don't you decline Secret Service protection?

Tammy: That’s what I want you to think!

Later that night, at Martin and Patty Lynn’s…

Marietta: I have to go out Christmas shopping tomorrow.

Martin: Tomorrow? That’s Christmas Eve. You didn’t seriously procrastinate until Christmas Eve again…

Kathleen: I know damn well your wacky mother didn’t raise you to be that way!

Marietta: No! I didn’t! It’s just, Tammy -

Kathleen: What did she do now? Did she forget the mulled wine? Don’t cover for her just because she was the FLOTUS, let her get it herself.

Marietta: It’s not that. She just let it slip that she got me something really great, when I just got her something small.

Kathleen: So?

Marietta: She gave me something thoughtful, I can’t just give her a gift card.

Patty Lynn: A gift card? I raised you to be more thoughtful than that!

Marietta: I know! I’m sorry! I’ll try to make it up to you!

Patty Lynn: I can forgive. I’ll never forget.

Marietta: I understand.

Kathleen: So what’s this grand gift you’re getting her now?

Marietta: Therein lies my problem.

Kathleen: You don’t know?

Marietta: I don’t know.

Martin: You don’t have much time to figure it out, do you?

Marietta: Thanks a lot, captain obvious!

Martin: I was just making conversation, no need to be snippy. Have a little Christmas spirit!

Marietta: I’m sorry, I’m stressed. Here, have a gingerbread. It’s my festive olive branch.

Martin: I’m not allowed.

Marietta: You’re not allowed?

Martin: She won’t let me spoil my dinner.

Marietta: Is mom your boss?

Patty Lynn: Yes. And I’m yours, too. Stop sassing me and get to work on finding that gift for Tammy!

Marietta: All right, I guess I earned that. I’m gonna go call Mitch and see if he’s got any ideas. He knows her best.

Marietta steps aside and calls Mitch.

Mitch: What’s going on? Couldn’t you get ahold of Tammy on her cell?

Marietta: No, I actually meant to call you!

Mitch: Oh! Why?

Marietta: I need some Christmas gift advice.

Mitch: Gift cards, for everyone. It’s the perfect gift!

Marietta: Gonna need something a bit more personal than that. Something you need to put a bit of thought into.

Mitch: I’m not really the greatest gift giver, if I’m being honest.

Marietta: Tammy’s always raving about how great the gifts you give her are!

Mitch: Okay. I have to fess up to something.

Marietta: If this is an admission of a crime, I don’t want to hear it. I’m not spending Christmas in cuffs.

Mitch: I don’t want to hear what you do in your bedroom, that’s your own business!

Marietta: Get your mind out of the gutter! I mean I don’t want to be made an accessory to a crime!

Mitch: Ah, got it! No, it’s only criminal in my wife’s eyes.

Marietta: That could be worse. She’s my best friend.

Mitch: I’m telling you anyway.

Marietta: Merry Christmas to me!

Mitch: My assistant picks out all my gifts for Tammy.

Marietta gasps.

Mitch: Don’t do that.

Marietta: It’s shocking!

Mitch: Is it really? I was president, I can’t go to a store without an elite team of agents tailing me. Do you know how many thousands of dollars a run to CVS costs the American taxpayer?

Marietta: Do you think we buy Christmas presents at CVS?

Mitch: It was just an example of how costly a simple store run can be.

Marietta: You know, we can buy things online now.

Mitch: I don’t know how to do that!

Marietta: Anyway, you’re free to cheat to buy Tammy’s gifts all you want, but I want something from the heart. Do you have any idea of what she would genuinely want?

Mitch: I don’t know, what’s she always wearing? Rings? Maybe a purse?

Marietta: Have you ever met your wife?

Mitch: Unfortunately for both of us, yes!

Marietta: How do you have no clue what she’d want?

Mitch: She’s a complicated woman. Very modern, very enlig-

Marietta: Don’t go feminist on me! You just named the most stereotypical gifts you could get a woman when I asked for personal gift ideas!

Mitch: I’m sorry, Marietta! I told you. I’m not great at this.

Marietta: I’ll say!

Mitch: I’ll tell you what, I always worked better when not put on the spot. I’ll sit on the question for a while, and I’ll call you if I get any inspiration.

Marietta: Mitch… Christmas is in two days.

Mitch: Now you’r putting me on the spot, it won’t come now.

Marietta: It was never going to!

Mitch: Am I still invited to Christmas?

Marietta: Of course you are, it’s still the holidays, it’s a season of love and giving and peace and serenity and all that crap.

Mitch: Okay then, see you tomorrow, and good luck!

Marietta: Yeah, thanks.

Marietta hangs up.

Sarah: Any lucky?

Marietta: You be quiet.

Sarah: I hope my gift is good if you’re putting all this time into getting something perfect for Tammy. We’re family!

Kathleen: You’ll be lucky to even get one at this rate. Your aunt’s going to be asking you how returns work on Amazon by the end of the night.

Sarah: I barely said anything! And it’s Christmas!

Patty Lynn: So you better watch out, you better not pout!

Sarah: Santa isn’t real!

Patty Lynn: Those that don’t believe get socks for Christmas!

Sarah: With my whole heart, I believe Santa will be squeezing his fat white ass down that chimney tomorrow night, where he’ll find the jolliest bunch of a-

Martin: Who let her watch Christmas Vacation?

Sarah: I’m an adult! I watched it myself.

Marietta: But also with me.

Martin: Oy.

Patty Lynn: So I take it the call you made didn’t help?

Marietta: That man knows nothing about his wife! Dad, was he this bad at being President? You saw it up close!

Martin: He was a good President. Didn’t pay the most attention to detail, though. I’m not shocked he had no good ideas for you. Maybe try Kate or Ellie.

Marietta: Ellie? The most self-centered woman I know?

Martin: She’s not that bad!

Kathleen: She’s pretty bad.

Marietta: She’s my dear friend, I love her. Thoughtfulness… not her strong suit. She got me a plastic bag holder for Christmas one year.

Martin: A what?

Marietta: A bag to store the plastic bags you get at the grocery store so you can reuse them later.

Patty Lynn: We have one!

Martin: Okay, call Kate.

Marietta: That may prove fruitful.

Kathleen: Fruitful? You’ve bene hanging out with Amy too much.

Martin: Amy! You could always ask her!

Marietta: Absolutely not. First, she’d sabotage me. Second, even if she did have a good idea, she’d never tell me because she’d want to use it for herself. It’s going to be Kate.

Patty Lynn: Okay, but hurry on the phone, dinner’s just about ready. I made a pot roast!

Marietta: You can eat without me, you know.

Patty Lynn: I don’t want to! It’s family time!

Marietta: I’m never even plan to eat here to begin with, I come here to pick Sarah up and then you always tell me to just stay for dinner, and I’m too scared of you to say “no.”

Patty Lynn: And you should be! Now, go call Kate so you don’t delay our dinner!

Marietta: Okay, going!

Marietta steps away and calls Kate.

Kate: Oh my god, what’s up? I’m just about to get on the plane!

Ellie: I’m here, too!

Marietta: You always are.

Ellie: What’s that supposed to mean?

Marietta: You spend more time with one another than most couples.

Ellie: And you and Tammy don’t?

Marietta: Shut up!

Ellie: You’re going to be on the naughty list, talking like that!

Marietta: Oh no, I’m so scared!

Ellie: You should be!

Kate: So what’s going on? We’re on our way to NOLA right now, so try not to rile her up too much, okay?

Marietta: Speaking of our Christmas celebration, that’s why I’m calling.

Ellie: Oh my god, are you canceling? I told off my entire family -

Marietta: You did what?

Ellie: just so I could come, and now you cancel? I’m still coming! Ho ho ho!

Kate: Don’t call yourself that.

Ellie: Bitch.

Kate: You can call yourself that.

Marietta: You told off your family? Why?

Ellie: They’re like “Oh, why are you going away for Christmas again?” and I’m like “because it’s fun down there! I like fun!” Now I’m homeless for Christmas! Thanks a lot!

Kate: She’s so overdramatic.

Marietta: We’re still doing Christmas!

Ellie: Ah, thank god! Never doubted it!

Kate: Yes you did! You were hyperventilating!

Ellie: Well, I thought I wasted my money! You know, in Delphy’s economy…

Kate: Stop talking. Let Marietta talk before we have to get on this damn plane!

Marietta: I need gift advice for Tammy!

Kate: Oh, honey… waiting until December 23rd?

Marietta: I already got her a gift card, it’s just that I don’t think that’s right now. She put a lot of thought into my gift.

Kate: She gave you your present already? Is she starting to lose it? She thinks it’s December 25th?

Marietta: No, she’s just bragging about how great it is. I don’t want to feel stupid when she gives me something great and I give a fifty dollar gift card for Starbucks!

Ellie: Yeah, that only buys you like five coffees these days. We have to impeach Delphy.

Kate: Oh my god, why is she like this?

Marietta: It’s not like she’s gotten any more unserious lately, I don’t know why this behavior is surprising you. But, that’s not my point. Do you guys, specifically Kate, have any ideas for what Tammy wants for Christmas. I can’t ask her, not so close to Christmas.

Ellie: I take offense to the “specifically Kate” line there.

Kate: I don’t.

Marietta: No ideas?

Kate: There was one thing.

Marietta: I like to hear that!

Kate: It’s something I couldn’t get her, because I couldn’t travel with it.

Marietta: I’m not getting her a gun. I’m a Democrat!

Ellie: So are all of us, you’re not!

Kate: You think she’d want a gun? Tammy? She’s afraid of having knifes in her house because she thinks someone could use it to kill her.

Marietta: You said you can’t travel with it!

Kate: Because it’s super breakable.

Marietta: So what is it?

Kate: When Tammy visited DC a couple of months ago, we were at a shop, it’s called, uh…

Ellie: Francello’s

Kate: Yes. It’s a family-owned shop, it’s got a bunch of expensive jewelry and hand-crafted household items. There was a snow globe there, she said it reminds her of the mountains in New York where she grew up.

Marietta: She grew up in Westchester!

Kate: They went to her grandparents’ place in the Catskills for Christmas.

Marietta: Okay. So it’s a snow globe from a small shop in DC. How am I going to get that?

Kate: I don’t know, that why I didn’t get it. It’s the only idea I have, though.

Marietta: Uh, what did you get her, if you don’t mind my asking?

Kate: Nice try! See you tomorrow, and good luck!

The next day…

Eliza: This might be the eggnog talking -

Elena: She is trashed, I so sorry. She didn’t know it was spiked.

Sarah: It was spiked?

Kathleen: Yule only live once!

Sarah: Am I going to jail?

Kathleen: Just don’t tell your father.

Milton: Tell him what?

Kathleen: Nothing! Was that good, Sarah?

Sarah: Great.

Kathleen: Don’t y’all just love Christmas? I love Christmas! God bless Jesus!

Eliza: Can I talk?

Elena: Babe, don’t be a belligerent drunk. It’s Christmas.

Eliza: It’s what?

Elena: Now you’re just playing it up.

Eliza: Seriously, though, where is Marietta? She’s not here, right?

Patty Lynn: She’s running slightly late, no one needs to panic. She’ll be here soon!

Amy: She’s never showing up.

Moira: Hey, Milton and I just got here. Give her time.

Amy: Yeah, he came from DC.

Milton: Do you think I flew in today? No, I was late because Sarah pokes around.

Sarah: It’s a lie.

Milton: You smell like alcohol.

Sarah: Not true!

Eliza: How much alcohol was in that nog?

Milton: There’s alcohol in the eggnog?

Eliza: No! Never!

Patty Lynn: Ah, you people. Love you all, but Jesus…

Moira: It is his birthday, yes.

Tammy: I’m just so excited to give Marietta her gift!

Kate: Isn’t that, like, a tomorrow thing?

Tammy: Come on, you know we all open one present on Christmas Eve.

Kate: What makes you think she’ll pick yours?

Tammy: Positive thoughts.

Marietta rushes through the door.

Marietta: Oh, god, I’m sorry I’m late. I almost tripped over the wire for that inflatable Frosty!

Martin: I told you that was a hazard.

Milton: She didn’t care when I literally face-planted because of it, she won’t care now.

Patty Lynn: The family is all here! Finally!

Moira: And Amy’s here, too!

Amy: You know what…

Moira: It’s all in good fun!

Henrietta: Marietta, just a warning, the eggnog is spiced. Good thing I’m not breastfeeding anymore.

Elena: Your mother is, so that’ll be fun for the twins.

Ellie: Everyone deserves a good buzz on Christmas!

Marietta: I feel like I’m having Christmas with the Griswolds.

Martin: We’re worse.

Kathleen: Food’s better!

Moira: So you didn’t steam-dry a turkey and put some cat food in a jello mold? Damn shame.

Patty Lynn: Marietta, you can take your overnight bag up to your room. Your Christmas pajamas are waiting for you on the bed.

Marietta: Thanks, mom!

Patty Lynn It is time for dinner, though, so hurry up.

Marietta: I hear that daily, it never works on me then, either.

The next morning…

Patty Lynn: All right, the kids are done with their presents, and they’re distracted, so I guess it’s time to rush through the adult gifts.

Mitch: Can we put some real music on? This treacly nons-

Patty Lynn: It’s Christmas. We listen to Bing Crosby, we listen to Frank Sinatra, we listen to Darlene Love. Don’t like it, don’t come.

Kate: She told you!

Henrietta: I would like to request that I go last. I am tired and need a nap.

Patty Lynn: Ugh, fine.

Milton: She is so strict on Christmas, she’s practically a war criminal.

Martin: Milton, don’t talk about your mother that way. It’s true, but it makes her angry, and that ruins the day for all of us.

Tammy: I want to give Marietta her gift first!

Marietta: Nope! You’re opening yours first.

Tammy: Okay, I’ll open the gift you said you weren’t getting me. I’m sure it’s not a gift card, it never is!

Marietta: You’re. Gonna love it. Dad, can you hand it over? Be careful, it’s fragile.

Milton: It’s pronounced “fra-gee-lay.”

Marietta: Sure.

Moira: Aww, honey, I got your reference.

Milton: Thank you.

Tammy: Wow, it is heavy. What’d you get me, a paper weight?

Marietta: Just wait and see?

Kate: Did you…?

Marietta: Uh-huh.

Kate: How?

Marietta: Christmas magic.

Ellie: I’m lost.

Million: When are you not?

Ellie: Rude.

Tammy: Oh my god! You didn’t! How did you get this?

Milton: What is it? It looks like a -

Tammy: It’s the snow globe I wanted!

Marietta: My elf gave me a tip-off that you wanted it, and I had it flown here first-class, using a bit of political influence to get it here on time.

Amy: Oh god, not another scandal.

Marietta: I’m not running again, who cares?

Moira: I’ll pretend I didn’t hear that when the impeachment vote takes place.

Tammy: I feel so stupid.

Marietta: What? Why?

Tammy: You got me such a thoughtful gift!

Marietta: You said you got me one, too. That’s why I upped my game.

Tammy: I was expecting another gift card, I just got you… you’ll see.

Milton: This’ll be good.

Eliza: Is there any of that nog left? I feel like I’m gonna need it!

Marietta: Uh… Tammy… what is this?

Tammy: It’s a link. I’m so embarrassed!

Marietta: Did you buy me a website?

Tammy: It’s a video. A Cameo video. It’s from a special guy.

Milton: Not me! No one bought any Cameos from me, I had to shut my page down.

Marietta: Who is it from?

Tammy: You know the congressman they expelled for corruption that you think is funny?

Marietta: Oh my god! Of course!

Tammy: Yeah, him.

Marietta: You are the best friend in the world!

Tammy: Really?

Marietta: I talked about how funny he is all the time! This is perfect! Anyone can get a candle, or towels, or garbage form Kohl’s -

Kathleen: Hey! I’m retired, I’m on a budget.

Marietta: This is a special gift.

Patty Lynn: And you can watch it later. Christmas must continue forward!

Marietta: It really is a magical day, isn’t it?

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