1992-93 Ratings History

The 1992-93 season packed many shocking factors, the greatest that NBC ended a 3rd year in a row in 3rd Place.  Chipping away like an iceberg, several hit fares ended the prior season, and Cheers was on its way out.  Irony was NBC's next megahit lie in the top 30 (can anyone spot it?).  ABC and CBS jockeyed for 1st Place in a horse race. The chart below would appear to paint ABC the winner.  However, add award shows, special events and sports, and CBS was declared the technical winner, again.

This season held an interesting dynamic as the ratings began to disperse in interesting directions.  FOX burgeoned up the charts with several solid hits.  And though NBC was in 3rd place, the shows distributed across the board from 8th to 115th Place among the 139 ranks.  As a matter of fact, ABC and CBS's lowest shows placed lower in 125th and 126th.

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Trending Hot -- Newsmagazine shows continued to be the rage on the heels of the Bush/Clinton presidential election.  ABC comedies continued to deliver successful results on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday nights.  FOX continued to colonize new territories and located Beverly Hills, 90210 and Melrose Place to Wednesdays.

Trending Tepid -- Soaps seemed to continue to prevail, on FOX that is.  The big three officially left the game with Knots Landing, as FOX ramped up on soaps with varying results.  Melrose Place narrowly survived and would help shape the 90's on FOX.  Saturdays on NBC were no longer powerhouse performances without Golden Girls.  The highest entry registered with Empty Nest's 48th place.

Trending Cold -- Shows from the class of 1991-92 saw high volumes of cancellations.  Same with the 1989-90 class as Doogie Howser, Life Goes On and Major Dad all left the air.

Source: Deseret News, 4/22/93

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