Special Review: Better Call Saul (Seasons 1-3)

When Breaking Bad left the airwaves in 2013, it left behind a legacy which impacted the television industry as a whole and had set up a rich mythology worth exploring. Naturally, AMC wanted to tap into that universe to further explore the world of Walter White with Better Call Saul.


Better Call Saul may be considered inferior by many of its predecessor's fans but it is by no means a low-quality television program. Instead of trying to milk Breaking Bad for nostalgia, Better Call Saul manages to build its own story while having tidbits of the BB sprinkled in various episodes, either as small references or character appearances.

If it wasn't for the Breaking Bad connection I probably wouldn't have watched this show. Network TV is constantly throwing law show after law show on air and it doesn't seem like that's gonna stop anytime soon and the idea of watching another show about an unorthodox lawyer just didn't seem too appealing at the time. But this was about Saul Goodman, and I was a big fan of Saul, especially of his introductory episode on Breaking Bad, so I decided to give it a shot.

Initially, the show didn't reel me in. Sure it had a pretty good two-part premiere but it wasn't until the last three episodes that I started feeling invested in the story. While the show featured narratives leading to Breaking Bad, After that, the show really started heating up until Season 3 where the lid finally blew off and gave us one of the best Seasons of 2017. Maybe the ratings might not be comparable to its predecessor but Better Call Saul still manages to holdup on its own in terms of popularity. So much so, that AMC already ordered Season 5 right before the premiere of Season 4

Better Call Saul is definitely worth your time but I do advise you to watch Breaking Bad before watching this. You could try watching the other way round but I don't recommend that. That being said, Better Call Saul Season 4 starts on August 6th so you better hurry if you want to catch up.

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