Game Day #2: Guess The Show (UPDATED WITH STANDINGS)

The Ratings Junkie Sunday, June 18, 2017

Welcome to the second edition of Game Day. Once again, I will provide descriptions of three shows. If you correctly guess the show in the comment section, you will receive 1 point. If you don't, no points are awarded. All three of these shows have a certain theme to them. If you are the first to point out what that theme is, you will receive 2 additional points. This edition will close at midnight Eastern Time on June 18.

Show #1
This show was one of the most high-profile of the season in which it premiered. While by the end of the season it wasn't as high as many would have expected, it was still doing seemingly respectable. The following season, it lost nearly 60% of its audience in the A18-49 demographic. Despite this, its second season was the 2nd-highest-rated show on the network, and in its first season it was the 8th-highest-rated show on the network.

Show #2
While the ratings of nearly all shows are down, this show is an exception. Its most recent season did 0.01 above what its season three years ago did in the A18-49 demographic. However, it lost nearly half of its A18-49 audience the year before. So, which show shed that much of its audience and stayed steady for two seasons after that? Hint: It's not a broadcast show.

Show #3
Back in the day (I'm talking decades ago) there was a show that, despite having around 10 million viewers, was pulled from the schedule. Why? Well, the network shut down due to financial problems. The show aired live, was scripted, and had a name that is recognizable to both television viewers today and television viewers of the late 1940s.

The following are the standings after the first two rounds:

JB, Good Behavior in Animal Kingdom, Rebecca Bunch: 5
Full Boyle, Game of Thrones PT: 3
omabin, Raph, Who Shot JR?, Miguens: 1

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