FOX Renew/Cancel Watch: Bob's Burgers And Family Guy Are Certain Renewals

Welcome to a very premature issue of FOX Renew/Cancel Watch. While the regular season will not begin for another two months, it is important to make these predictions now. Why? I'll explain in a bit.

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Why Are Bob's Burgers And Family Guy Certain Renewals
One down side of animated shows are they take a long time to produce; sometimes at least nine months. As such, these shows will need to be renewed earlier than usual. Bob's Burgers is set to air its 8th production cycle this season, one that was ordered back in September 2015. Should it get a ninth cycle, it will probably be renewed sooner rather than later. The same goes for Family Guy. Both shows get very respectable ratings for FOX and are also supposedly great sellers in merchandise and have high streaming ratings. Should they be renewed, they will join The Simpsons in the animated shows renewed category, which is set to run through at least Season 30.

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