Game Day #1: Guess The Show (UPDATED WITH RESULTS)

The Ratings Junkie Saturday, June 17, 2017

Welcome to our new segment, Game Day! In this edition, I will describe three shows. Your job is to guess which shows I am describing. To participate, leave a comment in the section below. If you correctly guess the show, you will receive 1 point.

Show #1
This show rose a whopping 52% in raw A18-49 numbers, or nearly a demo point and a half, from the year before in the move to a new time slot. And get this: the new time slot meant it had to self-start instead of getting a lead-in. Another shocker: this show was far from new, though it's one where viewers can jump right in at any time.

Show #2
While many spinoffs of successful shows have had successful runs of their own, very rarely does one out-rate the mother show. Well, the 6th season of this show did just that, and by nearly a full ratings point in A18-49. To think that at first, this show wasn't seen as something that would be appealing to advertisers, and wasn't even supposed to be part of the franchise upon conception.

Show #3
While The CW has standards lower than the rest of the networks in Live + Same Day A18-49 ratings, this one hit record lows. At less than 10% of the "Big 4" league average, there hasn't really been anything closer to a 0.0 A18-49 rating on broadcast television, and well less than a million people watched it on the day that it aired.

Make sure to leave your guesses in the comments below. Responses will be accepted between now and the end of the day (Eastern Time) on Friday, June 16.

Thanks to all who played. The answers are:

Show #1: The Bachelor (0% correct predictions)
Show #2: Law & Order: SVU (100% correct predictions)
Show #3: Cult (50% correct predictions)

JB: 2
Good Behavior in Animal Kingdom: 2
Rebecca Bunch: 2
Full Boyle: 1
Game of Thrones PT: 1
Raph: 1

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