Fuller House Season 3 Premiere to Coincide with Full House's 30th Anniversary Debut

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Written Pleased with Scripted Nostalgia by Bridger Cunningham

Per Candace Cameron-Bure's Instagram post, the 3rd season of Fuller House debuts its partial premiere on Friday,   September 22, 2017, coinciding with the original series' premiere on Tuesday, September 22, 1987.  After two successful seasons consisting of 13 episodes (both of which debuted inside the 2016 calendar year), season 3 will feature its episodes increase to a record 18 episodes.  However, there is a caveat.  It was widely discussed that Netflix would be splitting its seasons into two installments, and Fuller House will debut 9 episodes on September 22, and the remainder at a later time.

The split decision is wise, as it will allow production to catch up just as regular series do on broadcast networks.  Fuller House debuted on February 26, 2016 to marginally negative reviews.  It followed the eldest two daughters, DJ and Stephanie (Candace Cameron-Bure and Jodie Sweetin), as well as DJ's best friend Kimmy (Andrea Barber) as they occupy their childhood home to raise their combined four children.  John Stamos, Bob Saget, Dave Coulier and Scott Weinger rounded out the recurring cast of original characters as the focus shifted to everyday life for the three grown women.  Noticeably absent are Mary Kate and Ashley Olson, who have retired from acting in recent years with little desire to return to the small screen.

Season 2 premiered on December 9, 2016 with improved reviews, earning the series a welcome renewal announcement on Christmas Eve.  The series has followed DJ raising her three sons, Jackson (Michael Campion), Max (Elias Harger) and infant Tommy (Dashiell & Fox Messitt), as well as her torn love triangle between Dr. Steve Hale (Weinger) and Dr. Matt Harmon (John Brotherton).  Stephanie is a freelance musician who finds love with Kimmy's (never-before-mentioned) younger brother, Jimmy Gibbler (Adam Hagenbuch).  And Kimmy is harried with raising teenage daughter Ramona (Soni Nicole Bringas), as well as a messy reunion with flamboyant ex-husband Fernando (Juan Pablo di Pace).  This season did not end on a cliffhanger, but rather a neatly folded New Year's Day 2017 episode.

Will you tune in September to watch season 3 unfold?  Give us your feedback.

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