CMT Engaged in Early Talks to Revive Last Man Standing

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Written Standing on a Couch by Bridger Cunningham

Per the Hollywood Reporter, CMT has engaged in early discussions of reviving Tim Allen's recently cancelled sitcom, Last Man Standing.  Talks are just that right now -- talks.  However, CMT experienced mild success in reviving ABC shows with its installation of primetime soap opera, Nashville.  Ratings are modest, and the serialized drama has earned 2 seasons to extend past its initial 4-season run.  The larger question remains if LMS can make a successful jump, as the series ended after 6 seasons.  Outsourced shows aged to this level become a premium to produce, and Tim Allen never works on a budget salary.

LMS enjoyed 6 modestly-rated seasons on ABC, debuting on Tuesdays during the 2011-12 season before moving to a familiar Friday home.  LMS never rated toward the top of the sitcom echelon, yet succeeded in its difficult Friday timeslot.  LMS rated 1st in its timeslot for the majority of its 2016-17 season, finishing with a 1.16 18-49 demographic average.  Its cancellation shocked the TV world, as this series increased its average against the previous season as ABC's remaining 9 returning shows all experienced decreases.  The series gained fame and notoriety for taking a staunch conservative preaching tone, a departure from the majority of the shows preaching in the other direction.  Could a revival work?  Here are the pros and cons:


1. Its 2014-16 season averages ranked higher than Nashville's, and Nashville was picked up.
2. Sitcoms survive mid-network shuffles with more durability than dramas.
3. CMT has invested greater interest in showcasing scripted original shows, and LMS may be compatible to launch another sitcom on the network even if LMS only receives a one-season reprieve.
4. LMS fits the conservative tone of CMT.
5. It ended its ABC run on an uptick, demonstrating the series may inject more life if continued.


1. Expensive production costs.
2. Outsourced production.
3. Tim Allen's hefty salary.
4. The show is aged.

What are your thoughts?  Should LMS receive a revival, and is it feasible?

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