Mr. Robinson Review: Messy in Many Ways

After two bad episodes last week, this week Mr. Robinson's third episode needed to be good, or I would be done with the show. But, the episode was not good.

S1E3 "Ain't Nothin' but a Hound Dog"

One of the better things about the first two episodes was that it was consistent, such as how both episodes started with a funny song. In episode three things were different. The main plot of this episode is how Craig's brother is messy and irresponsible, which has been used countless times in past sitcoms. Meanwhile, the principal is taking care of her boss's dog, which ends up jumping out the window, reminding me of the advertisements for Animal Practice three years ago. The third episode is not fixing the problem of unoriginality.

The PE teacher, who was the funniest part of the first episode, played a larger role in this episode, moving in with Craig and his brother, and it turns out he is a neat-freak, which was somewhat funny at least. He was supposed to make Craig's brother more responsible, but instead Craig's brother unlocked the inner child in the PE teacher.

One positive that I can say about this episode was that it was set up well. Unlike previous episodes, the plot progressed at a good pace. The problem was introduced early. In the next act, the problem worsened. A problem about the episode though was that the show is about a musician who is a substitute music teacher, and music was never mentioned in the episode until the very end, when he sang a song. At least that song was pretty funny, but it was less funny than last week's songs.

Overall, I thought that episode three was terrible, so I decided to give up on Mr. Robinson. The show however has given me an increased appreciation for originality.

What did you think of "Ain't Nothin' but a Hound Dog"? You can share your opinions in the comments!

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