List of New Shows by their Instagram Followers

Hello peeps! I will first begin this post by introducing myself. I'm Jessica Boggs, and I am the newest contributor to The TV Ratings Guide. I will be posting the weekly Renew/Cancel predictions for The CW. I'm an avid blogger, and I'm the author of The Re-Up, Jessica's Blog, and Jess's Journal: Life Unscripted. But enough of the details, let's get on with the talk about the new shows that are premiering this fall and I decided to list them by their Instagram followers. This may be a wild card post to get a better understanding on how the ratings will fare. 

The Muppets: 2592
Blood & Oil: 2360
Quantico: 2111
Wicked City: 1861
Dr. Ken: 123

An ouch on Dr. Ken, looks like it may be DOA. 

Supergirl: 20K
Limitless: 682
Code Black: 572
Life in Pieces: 469
Angel from Hell: 448

The only hit I can definitely see out of CBS's lineup would be Supergirl. 

Scream Queens: 119K
Minority Report: 4146
Grandfathered: 4115
The Grinder: 1112
Rosewood: 474

Scream Queens looks to be a massive hit. Minority Report and Grandfathered look to be modest hits. Rosewood is definitely DOA.

Chicago Med: 47.8K
Heroes Reborn: 16.5K
Best Time Ever w/ Neil Patrick Harris: 10.9K
Blindspot: 1393
Truth Be Told: 1045
The Player: 335

No surprise about Chicago Med. Finally, a post where Truth Be Told is not last place! It's still obviously dead. NBC should worry about The Player at this point. 

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: 294

This definitely will scream Beauty and the Beast numbers. I don't expect it to get renewed, but I will be surprised if it does.

This post will most likely be updated as the fall TV season approaches. Let me know what you think in the comments below! 

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