Renew/Cancel Watch: CBS Fall 2015

Below are my predictions for which shows will be renewed and which will be canceled for the CBS fall 2015 shows. Under that will be my reasoning for each prediction.

Certain to be Canceled

  • The Good Wife
  • Hawaii 5-0
  • Code Black
  • Life in Pieces
  • Angel from Hell
Likely to be Canceled

  • Limitless
On the Bubble

  • Blue Bloods
Likely to be Renewed

  • Madam Secretary
  • CSI: Cyber
  • Criminal Minds
Certain to be Renewed

  • Supergirl
  • Scorpion
  • NCIS: LA
  • NCIS
  • NCIS: NO
  • Mom
  • Elementary

Already Renewed

  • The Big Bang Theory

Madam Secretary: CBS's new strategy seems to be that they would rather ride lower-rated CBS-produced shows all the way to syndication, taking a loss now while gaining it all back and more after a syndication deal is struck. Combine that with Madam Secretary's success in upper-level homes and I see very little reason to believe this will be canceled. I only kept it in "likely" to keep this somewhat conservative.

The Good Wife: The creator's envisioned storyline will be complete at the conclusion of this season, and already being syndicated for several seasons the show is probably making enough money elsewhere.

CSI: Cyber: Like Madam Secretary, this is another CBS-produced show that albeit low-rated, I see them dragging to syndication. There is no word yet of a different CSI franchise spin-off in the works, and the brand name will give it strong syndication and international sales. Again, only kept in "likely" because of raw ratings and the time slot downgrade.

Supergirl: CBS has just invested too much money into this show to quit now. While it could end up being a massive failure, the brand may help.

Scorpion: CBS's strongest new show is keeping life on their Mondays against The Voice and is one of the few dramas that isn't sticking around for syndication and retirees. Definitely renewed, no doubt about it.

NCIS: LA: Ratings may not be the best anymore, but they are still pretty strong and the NCIS brand will help continue success in syndication.

NCIS: Despite massive declines, it's still one of CBS's powerhouses.

NCIS: NO: CBS will probably try to make this the third NCIS show to make it to syndication and make them some serious money. They have bigger fish to fry.

Limitless: Average lead-in, average time-slot and average hype. It may not be enough to get this show to a second season.

Criminal Minds: The show has declined a lot lately, and its age may not allow it to stay alive at high 1s for much longer. I call it a likely renewal, not certain, only because of the amount of shows staying around to hit that four-season mark. That Criminal Minds spin-off shows me they are serious about continuing the brand, and who knows, if the spin-off takes off then maybe Criminal Minds will end or at least be downgraded to Friday.

Code Black: With all the midseason backups, included a Criminal Minds spin-off, I don't see this one lasting.

The Big Bang Theory: Already renewed

Life in Pieces: CBS is going to have some really high standards for this one. A 2.0 won't cut it behind The Big Bang Theory, and I can easily see this being canceled with low 2s. In fact, it's time slot may be more of a curse than a blessing. And not being produced by CBS with so many backups ready don't help either.

Mom: Going into its third season. One of their strongest shows. Need I say more?

Angel From Hell: Despite Mom being a strong show, I don't see Mom being able to boost Angel from Hell up to renewable numbers. Again, with so many backups waiting I can't see this one lasting either. 2 Broke Girls seems to be the most likely candidate.

Elementary: When they didn't downgrade its time slot when they easily could have, I decided that Elementary will get at least a short final season due to its way-too-lucrative syndication deal. In fact, it may even see a 6th season as a result.

Hawaii 5-0: I believe the contracts are up after this season, and CBS won't go out of their way to renegotiate for a Friday show when they have other worthy candidates.

Blue Bloods: This show is on the bubble because of the range of shows that could take over the Friday at 10 time slot that may be more profitable. I am leaning renewal right now though.

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