Questions of the Week: Pre-Season Week 1

These are five discussion questions designed for you, the reader, to answer. Feel free to answer as many or few as you like, or just read through the responses. The questions will be simultaneously run on the Thursday Final Ratings post of TV by the Numbers, as well as the SpoilerTV Community Open Discussion Thread. As answers come in from here and the aforementioned places, I will update this post to insert your majority opinion in the most interactive Questions of the Week yet.

1) Which of ABC's two new Sunday shows will be lower-rated?
2) Will Scorpion see a fall spike again?
3) Was it a good or bad idea for The CW to keep iZombie behind The Flash?
4) Will Rosewood benefit from its Empire lead-out, or will its poor reviews be an indication of its ratings?
5) How many seasons left does Grimm have?

My Answer: I think that Quantico will be lower-rated based solely on its time slot. Although I hear much better reviews and more hype for Quantico, the truth is that one gets a Once Upon a Time lead-in, while the other does it. I foresee Blood & Oil to be a 1.2-1.5 player, leaving Quantico with its work cut out for it.

Your Answer: Blood & Oil by a fair margin

My Answer: Scorpion will more than likely see a little bit of a fall spike, but not as much as last season. With The Big Bang Theory being a weaker show (albeit still huge) and having a lead-in of Life in Pieces instead of a massively-rated Big Bang rerun, I think Scorpion may see some 2.3-2.4s, but not much higher than that.

Your Answer: You were pretty mixed on this question. Some said no, others said yes. What fascinated me the most was that most of those who answered yes think that it will only see a small spike compared to the strong start it had last fall.

My Answer: I think that keeping iZombie behind The Flash was basically the most sensical idea considering that the only new show on The CW's schedule seems completely incompatible. However, I think that it would be a bad idea to keep it there through midseason, as its poor retention and high hold-up after a Flash rerun indicates that the Tuesday at 9pm slot is better suited for another show. It's just a matter of waiting for that show to arrive.

Your Answer: Another question with mixed responses. I couldn't really take a general consensus out of this one. What I did notice is a few people using iZombie as an analogy to The 100 last season, in that it will have The CW's highest lead-in and not use it, despite being a steadily mediocrely-rated show. I really think it's interesting how some think it is a terrible idea, and others a good idea.

My Answer: FOX was pretty reserved last season from pulling shows from the schedule (see: Red Band Society), but I think Rosewood will be 13-and-done at best. I actually wouldn't be surprised to see Empire S2B air at 8pm, leading out to a new show.

Your Answer: I noticed that some of you think that Rosewood will be DOA, while there is also a couple who think it has a chance to be renewed. Regardless, most of you expect it to at least do well for the first few episodes. I honestly think it will manage to go sub-1 before its (apparently 10, not 13) episode order is complete, though some others think having Empire air after it will stop that.

My Answer: NBC is truly struggling in the scripted department right now, having no bona fide hits. The problem is that Grimm is no longer helping NBC provide strong Friday ratings, and they could probably do just as good or better with a cheap reality show (The Biggest Loser, maybe?) and/or Dateline. With no show doing well after it, I think Grimm may be ending in two seasons. I would say one, but I think that may only happen if for some reason NBC gets a show like The Player or Shades of Blue to work.

Your Answer: Hey, we found a question where we really agree on an answer! Most answers I came across have Grimm at either one or two more seasons.

Thanks for a wonderful Questions of the Week, I had a lot of fun and hopefully you did too! Thanks to all 17 users who have answered.

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