List of New Shows by Their Twitter Followers

Let me start off by saying that Twitter followers aren't always directly coordinated to how popular a show will become. However, I do believe that we can use this numbers to get at least a good RELATIVE idea of how a show will do with the younger A18-34 demographic.


  1. The Muppets: 17K
  2. Quantico: 8.8K
  3. Blood & Oil: 3.5K
  4. Wicked City: 2.4K
  5. Dr Ken: 1.7K
The Muppets being #1 for ABC came as no surprise to me, but that wide gap between Quantico and Blood & Oil did. I now have a feeling that Quantico may be able to beat its lead-in by a tenth of two, while also holding it from reaching its full potential. Wicked City is doing better than I expected considering its late launch. And then, poor Dr Ken.


  1. Supergirl: 32.1K
  2. Angel from Hell: 5.4K
  3. Limitless: 1.4K
  4. Life in Pieces: 1.2K
  5. Code Black: .9K
Supergirl was always going to be #1, but Angel from Hell winning this race for #2 by such a large race surprised me at first, but then I realized that Jane Lynch must have some young followers through her role in Glee. But what really surprised me is how the other three managed to do WORSE than Dr Ken. I'm not all that concerned though, because CBS shows just haven't had much luck in the younger demo so these numbers may not translate into much. The question is if Supergirl's quality holds up to its seemingly high expectations.


  1. Scream Queens: 113K
  2. Grandfathered: 4.6K
  3. Minority Report: 2.3K
  4. The Grinder: 1.7K
  5. Rosewood: 1.1K
Yes, you read that right for Scream Queens. This show is going to premiere MASSIVE! How it does after that depends on quality, like Supergirl. I was surprised to see Grandfathered with the next highest total, and to see Minority Report so low, since I thought that show would have a chance to do well. Time will tell, but Gotham weakening is not really favoring the show. Meanwhile, The Grinder looks like it may do weak, while Rosewood looks to be the epitome of DOA despite having a massive lead-out. In fact, I wouldn't be completely surprised to see it premiere to a 1.1 A18-49 rating, just as it has 1.1K followers on Twitter.


  1. Heroes Reborn: 68.8K
  2. Chicago Med: 13.4K
  3. Blindspot: 4.4K
  4. The Player: 3.1K
  5. Best Time Ever: 2.6K
  6. Truth Be Told: .45K (so, 451)
This list doesn't surprise me at all except for how many followers Heroes Reborn has. Like Supergirl and Scream Queens, overall ratings should depend upon if the quality lives up to the hype. My personal guess is that it will not. Chicago Med's number is impressive to me, but it still has ways to go to catch up to PD, which in turn is far away from Fire. What surprised me the most is that Blindspot and The Player are relatively close, while I predict even without the follower number that Best Time Ever will be more of a Hollywood Game Night than a Saturday Night Live or Voice. And then there's Truth Be Told with a whopping 451 followers. 

The CW

  1. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: .54K
Yep, this one is dead in the ratings. That still may not stop The CW from giving it a full season or even a renewal though.

Midseason Notables

  • With nearly 43K followers, DC's Legends of Tomorrow has more followers already than all but 2 Big Four fall series. I truly think this will be a big show for The CW standards, but such a high number proves my point that if Twitter followers should be used to speculate ratings at all, it should be in the A18-34 (or M18-34 and W18-34 for that matter) demographic.
  • Despite only having 783 followers, NBC's midseason entry Hot & Bothered is already doing better than fall's Truth Be Told. Also with 645 followers is Crowded. Superstore and Coach are both lagging behind.
  • Bordertown's 634 followers may grow over time, but considering that the young Twitter demographic is what this show should be reaching, this doesn't bode well for the show. I can see it as a talking point for the upcoming election though. 
  • Lucifer is doing better than Minority Report right now, with 5.6K followers. The Frankenstein Code, meanwhile, isn't doing as hotly.
  • Both ABC midseason comedies, Uncle Buck and The Real O'Neals, have quite some ways to go, but also some time before their premieres. So far the latter is doing slightly better than the former, but both are under 1K followers.
  • CBS's Rush Hour may be the least-followed upcoming show on all five networks, with only 126 followers. Ouch.
What are your thoughts on all of this? Leave a comment below and maybe it will be featured as tomorrow's Comment of the Week!

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