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The Ratings Junkie Saturday, August 29, 2015
Since this is the last Top Posts + Comment and Question of the Week post of August 2015, I will be providing a list of top articles of both the week and the month. Remember that this series of posts is ineligible to make the list.

Top Posts of the Month
  1.  Summer Renew/Cancel Predictions: July 10 by Hunter
  2.  Summer Renew/Cancel Predictions: August 7 by Hunter
  3.  Summer Renew/Cancel Predictions: August 14 by Hunter
  4.  List of New Shows by Their Facebook Likes by Luke
  5.  Which Fall Series Will Be Renewed (Competition) by theratingsjunkie
Top Posts of the Week

  1. List of New Shows by Their Facebook Likes by Luke    
  2. Which Fall Series Will Be Renewed? (Competition) by theratingsjunkie
  3. The Carmichael Show Series Premiere Review by Hunter
  4. Summer Renew/Cancel Predictions: August 21 by Hunter
  5. List of New Shows by Their Twitter Followers by theratingsjunkie

I would also like to take the time to present this graph, which indicates the growth of our traffic from May-August. Keep in mind that the February-April traffic on Wordpress was actually much lower than these Blogger months. None of this would be possible without all of you and we hope that you stay with us and that we keep growing in September!

Comment of the Week

This week's Comment of the Week comes from the Facebook likes post.

Nice analysis! It's interesting to try to gauge interest based on social media traction, because I think it plays a part. It's evident there are two extremes here:
There are the given few that will fare well at least to begin with (Scream Queens, Supergirl, The Muppets, Heroes Reborn), and that's reflected in their current respectable like counts. The ones towards the bottom rung (#s 14-22) are looking more DOA than anything. I could see the four CBS shows (Limitless, Angel From Hell, Code Black, Life in Pieces) doing OK in total viewers but not the A18-49 demo, which isn't out of the ordinary for the network. But then it gets a little more complicated to predict the correlation of FB likes to prospective viewers for other shows that don't immediately stick out and are kind of in the middle/meh territory, especially Blood & Oil, Blindspot, The Player, and Quantico.
Chicago Med is OK at 93K but, IMO, it's also rather irrelevant for the time being as I think Fire/PD fans will turn up at first regardless, and that's the audience they are depending on. I am sort of surprised that Grandfathered has amassed over 100K likes already while The Grinder is stuck at 50K, but I think John Stamos' return to television is enticing more of an audience than Rob Lowe. However, The Grinder is faring far better than Dr. Ken's 14K and the nearly nonexistent Truth Be Told at 1.3K.
I'm looking forward to seeing the growth of these numbers in the coming weeks!

The comment was followed up with:

...I want so badly to predict that one will topple the HTGAWM and Empire premieres (3.8) and hit that 4.0 mark, but it's a bold move with all of the competition these days. If one were to do it, I'd say it would be Scream Queens, Supergirl, or The Muppets. However, I'm going to predict (for now):
Scream Queens: 3.7
Supergirl: 3.3
The Muppets: 3.1
Heroes Reborn: 2.3
After maybe 4-6 weeks, I could see them down to about:
Scream Queens: 2.6-2.8
Supergirl: 2.3-2.5
The Muppets: 2.6-2.8
Heroes Reborn: 1.5-1.7
In other words, I don't currently predict another sensation like Empire. However, those would be good numbers, at least for SQ, Supergirl and Muppets. I think Heroes Reborn fizzles a bit after a curiosity-driven first couple of episodes, but mid-to-high 1s would be an improvement for the Thursday 8PM slot leading into The Blacklist. However, I could see Heroes Reborn getting axed come May.

As usual there were many great comments this week. Please, keep them coming!

Question of the Week

  1. Do you think any new shows will premiere to a 3.9 or higher?

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