2006-07 Ratings History

Written Witnessing the Start of Nielsen Declines by Bridger Cunningham (former TVRG writer)

Behold the beginning of the end of Nielsen prominence as the 20th century knew it.  Due to cable, DVR's and alternative platforms siphoning into the ratings well, Nielsen drops have continued in unstoppable force over the next 12 seasons.  CBS managed to traipse across the 1st Place finish line again, but FOX and ABC aggressively followed in suit.  For the first time in its 21-season history, FOX climbed to 2nd Place.  ABC slipped to 3rd, nipping at FOX's heels by a tenth in average.  Trailing further down was NBC in 4th, and less than half of NBC's average in 5th place debuted the new CW network 

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Trending Hot -- FOX fired on all cylinders, thanks to American Idol igniting 1st and 2nd Place.  Reality TV also continued to proliferate the lineup.  ABC's class of 2004-05 continued strong, and procedural dramas remained solid, particularly on CBS. 
Trending Tepid -- It is baffling how CBS claimed 1st Place this season, as only one show cracked the top 10.  The network experienced a funk in creativity.  ABC's 2-year joyride in 2nd place came to a halt as FOX overtook them, and the network has never recovered to its 2nd place glory. 
Trending Cold -- NBC's ratings freeze showed few signs of thawing.  CW failed to build from WB and UPN's failures as the downward trajectory continued.  Sitcoms shuffled lower down the Nielsen ladder, and soaps and movies of the week faded to a memory of the 80's. 

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