Evergreen Aimee Season 3 Episode 12 - Aimee Under Fire

Evergreen Aimee Season 3 Episode 12
Aimee Under Fire

Aimee is rushing through the halls of the Senate.

Carolyn: Where the heck are you off to in such a hurry?

Aimee: Oh, Carolyn, I’m sorry! I can’t chat tonight, I have an interview to get to.

Carolyn: An interview?

Aimee: I’m on Line of Fire with Holly Hollihan tonight.

Carolyn: That repo baby?

Lynette: Are you talking smack about me now?

Alec: Likely thing for her to be doing!

Aimee: How did we all manage to be in the same area at the same time?

Alec: Well, we were all coming for our traditional Friday night chat in your office.

Carolyn: Aimee’s gone mainstream on us, she’s doing a talk show tonight with conservative darling Holly Hollihan.

Alec: What a funny name.

Lynette: I know her!

Carolyn: You all do.

Lynette: What’s that supposed to mean?

Carolyn: You know, all you people that got a leg up in politics because you’re related to other politicians.

Alec: Oh my god, is she related to Hank Hollihan?

Carolyn: You mean the former US President? Yeah, yeah she is.

Alec: How did I not know this?

Lynette: You don’t watch TV.

Alec: It’s not that I don’t watch TV, I’m not some luddite. It’s just that I rarely have time for it. When I am watching it, I’m certainly not watching the news.

Aimee: So you won’t be watching my interview?

Alec: I’ll make an exception this time.

Aimee: How generous, how brave.

Carolyn: We shouldn’t be keeping you. God knows we’ll be hearing about this for months if you  miss your interview.

Aimee: That’s… exactly right.

Carolyn: I know you too well.

Lynette: Can I give you some quick advice on dealing with Holly Hollihan?

Carolyn: Be careful here, she’s usually wrong.

Aimee: Go ahead, Lynette.

Lynette: Holly’s a bit confrontational, she tries to get her guests going so it creates buzz for her show. She’s actually a pretty standard conservative who has no problems with the other side, but she won’t hesitate to needle you for being too cozy with the Democrats if she thinks it’ll get you going. So, just be prepared for that.

Aimee: Now you’ve got me nervous!

Lynette: Don’t be! You’ll be fine! 

Denise: Aimee! We gotta go!

Aimee: Sorry, my babysitter says I have to go!

Denise: Yes I do! We’re not gonna be late!

Lynette: I think it’s nice Aimee has her own manager now, she needs some structure in her life.

Carolyn: Lynette, shut up.

Lynette: Did I say something wrong?

Carolyn: Don’t provoke her, we don’t need her to get violent with us.

Aimee: When have I ever gotten violent?

Carolyn: We don’t want to find out if you’ll start.

Lynette: I know you won’t get violent.

Carolyn: Thank you!

Alec: Let’s let her go. Denise looks like she’s about to pop a blood vessel.

Denise: I’m glad you noticed!

Later, at the television studio…

Denise: All right, Aimee, five minutes. You good?

Aimee: Do they not have hair and makeup on this show?

Denise: It airs at cable at eight o’clock on a Friday, I’m amazed they have a budget for lights.

Aimee: Does anyone actually watch this show? I stayed in DC an extra day to film this!

Denise: It’s the most-watched cable news show on Friday nights!

Aimee: That doesn’t answer my question!

Denise: It occasionally goes viral on TikTok, if that’s your thing.

Aimee: Half my colleagues want to ban TikTok, the other half don’t know what it is.

Denise: That’s a good line! You should use that on the show!

Aimee: Is this a comedy show?

Denise: It about politics, so, sorta.

Aimee: Haha.

Denise: Just be yourself. You’re a bit humorous, very charismatic. A little uptight, too, so maybe reel that in.

Aimee: Reel it in? It’s my personality! You want me to be fake? You just told me to be real!

Denise: This is not going well.

Aimee: No, it’s not! You’re confusing me!

Denise: I’m sorry, I’m new at this.

Aimee: You can tell.

Denise: See that’s the uptightness. Don’t put that on display.

Aimee: I’m going now.

Denise: Good idea.

On the set…

Holly: Ladies and gentlemen, our guest for the evening is the junior United States Senator from Washington and the first Republican to serve Washington in he US Senate in nearly thirty years. Please welcome Aimee Ferrera Donahue to the Line of Fire!

Aimee: It’s so good to be with you, Holly! I am glad to be here to talk about what we’re doing for the people here in DC.

Holly: I’m going to jump right into it. Most people familiar with you know you for your impassioned speech when you were a member of the House in 2022, where you advocated for the impeachment of our sitting President, who is your fellow Republican. People don’t think you’re a real Republican, because how could any Republican would back impeachment? So, my question to you is, do you regret your vote, and do you still consider yourself a Republican?

Aimee: Well, no. I don’t regret my vote. The president led a charge on my workplace. It was an undeniable fact that he sent his supporters after us, told them to pressure us by storming the halls on Congress and doing “whatever it took.” Those people then busted down doors with weapons in hand and tried to kill us. It was disturbing, it was sick, it was impeachable.

Holly: You think the president is responsible for the actions of others?

Aimee: I think he’s responsible for the actions of himself. He told them to do it!

Holly: So why are you still a member of the same party as him?

Aimee: I don’t love that our party has embraced him, but I’ve been a Republican my whole life, I adhere to Republican principles, I am a Republican. I was one before he took office, I’ll be one long after he leaves. Our party is more than just one man, I hope you’d agree.

Holly: The man you’re referring to happens to be the part leader, the most powerful man in the world!

Aimee: We get a new leader every few years. I’m working as hard as I can to keep our party on the path of sanity.

Holly: Will you vote for the President next year?

Aimee: Absolutely not.

Holly: You’ll vote for a Democrat? You’d back Jenny Ross or Gina Whilder or Mick Bassar or Marietta Landfield?

Aimee: Last I checked, there aren’t only two parties.

Holly: So, you see yourself as more of an independent?

Aimee: No, I’m a Republican who won’t vote for this one particular Republican. If that makes me disloyal, so be it.

Holly: Are you only opposed to the president because you fear the far-left types back home in Washington State? Seattle is the largest population center, and it’s quite radically left-wing.

Aimee: No, I was elected in Washington a year ago, I know I can convince Washingtonians to support me. I oppose President Delphy out of obligation to my own moral compass. I don’t think he’s up to the job. Now, enough about him.

Holly: So you don’t view yourself as a liberal?

Aimee: I am a centrist conservative. I believe in low taxes, personal freedom, and upkeep of a strong military, but I also believe in equality for the LGBT community, and though I have a strong moral opposition to abortion, I think women should have the right to decide what to do with their own bodies. These are common sense, popular views in our country. These are views in touch with everyday Americans. Can we talk about my work for expecting and new mothers now? That’s a much bigger part of my political service than my disagreements with my party.

Holly: Sure, we can move on, right after the break!

The show cuts to commercial.

Aimee: What was that? I feel like I’m -

Holly: In the line of fire?

Aimee: I didn’t realize the show’s title was so literal.

Holly: Look, I agree with most of what you said, and you’re a great guest, but I have to keep you feet to the fire to keep it interesting. I ask everyone the tough questions.

Aimee: I don’t love being labeled a liberal. I’ve been called worse, but it still stings a bit to be essentially accused of stabbing my supporters in the back.

Holly: You get used to it in time.

Aimee: Oh, good to know!

The next day, at Cherie and Ernesto’s…

Kimmy: So, you’re a liberal now?

Dave: Don’t start her on this!

Kimmy: On what?

Dave: She doesn’t appreciate being -

Kimmy: Called a liberal? It’s not really that scary, Aimes!

Cherie: Don’t tease your sister!

Victoria: I told her last night it’s really not that bad.

Aimee: That interview was an awful decision. I was ambushed! People think I’m a traitor to the Republican Party now! I’m basically a Democrat now!

Manuela: Good! I like you better now!

Ernesto: Mother! Stop!

Manuela: You marrying and then becoming a Republican and then bringing five more Republicans into this world was always your greatest fault! Carmelita wouldn’t dare!

Ernesto: Carmelita left you with me, so think about that before singing her praises!

Dave: This has gotten so uncomfortable so fast.

Cherie: Imagine living with it.

Kimmy: How much longer until the retirement home is ready to take her back?

Manuela: Even you?

Kimmy: I’m sorry, I like having you here, but I’m sick of her whining.

Manuela: That, I agree with.

Cherie: Well, Aimee, I don’t think your interview went badly at all. You defended yourself well!

Aimee: I very publicly declared I wouldn’t back my party’s presumptive nominee for president.

Victoria: Good! He’s an asshole!

Cherie: He’s a complex man.

Victoria: Asshole!

Kimmy: The biggest asshole to ever asshole!

Ernesto: Would you all stop saying the word “asshole?”

Manuela: Pendejo!

Cherie: I know it’s tough when people give you a hard time, but you’ll get through it. A few days of people talking about it and they’ll be on to the next thing

Dave: I don’t think you said anything wrong, even. People like politicians who are honest.

Victoria: I do wonder about the strict adherence to that demonic party of yours, but I won’t judge. She wanted to get a rise out of you, and she didn’t. That’s a win in my book!

Ernesto: What was that thing about abortion, though?

Manuela: Estupido!

Kimmy: I thought you were pro-choice?

Manuela: I am, but I’ve also never campaigned on being pro-life!

Aimee: We live in Washington, you want me to say I want a national abortion ban?

Ernesto: She didn’t bring abortion up! You stuck your foot in that one on your own!

Aimee: I know, that’s why I’m not happy!

Dave: You know what? Who cares if people think you’re too liberal. That’ll only help you here!

Aimee: It won’t in DC!

Cherie: What is that buzzing noise?

Kimmy: It sounds like… I don’t want to say what it sounds like.

Cherie: That’s probably for the best.

Aimee: That’s my phone.

Kimmy: All night?

Aimee: People won’t leave me alone.

Kimmy: You know, those things have power buttons.

Cherie: I can never find mine.

Kimmy: You must be joking.

Cherie: I’m old! Cut me some slack!

Victoria: I’m also old, but I can use a phone!

Cherie: Good for you!

Aimee: I can’t turn my phone off, there could be an emergency.

Ernesto: Who is calling now? They’ve been calling for five minutes straight.

Aimee: It’s just Denise, she can leave a message if it’s that important.

Dave: I think we should stop talking about the interview and focus on the family.

Ernesto: Good idea!

Victoria: You guys would never guess what I’ve been up to!

Ernesto: I’m good with keeping it that way.

Two days later…

Aimee: You guys wanted to see me?

Greg: Sit down.

Aimee: Is this the principal’s office?

Janie: Don’t kid around.

Geraldine: My god, Janie, who made you the boss? Have some respect! She’s a fellow senator, you have no right to be such a bitch!

Janie: She talked smack about our president and made our party look bad! I’m pissed!

Aimee: The President made our party look bad when he sent a mob to attack the Capitol, but that’s neither here nor there.

Greg: Geraldine and I just wanted to let you know that we’re here for you. You’re getting a lot of unfair criticism for hat interview, and we really couldn’t care less about it. This isn’t a cult, senators are free to speak their mind about whatever they’d like.

Aimee: What’s Janie doing here, then?

Greg: She insisted on speaking with you, and honestly, we’re just here to make sure it doesn’t get out of line.

Geraldine: Her behavior’s already out of line in my book.

Janie: She should stop publicly condemning our party if she wants to continue to pretend to represent it.

Aimee: You want me to resign? I’d be glad to let my Democratic governor appoint a new senator to replace me, I’m sure you’d go well in a Democratic supermajority Senate.

Greg: None of that! Your party has your back.

Geraldine: Fully.

Janie: No.

Greg: Yes.

Geraldine: This attention will die out soon, but until then, you’ve got us to rely on for moral support.

Aimee: I’m glad to know that.

Gwen: Hey, Aimee! I knew I could sway you to liberalism with a bit of elbow grease!

Greg: Gardenia, our meeting is at noon, it’s eleven thirty.

Gwen: I’m always early! It’s essential!

Aimee: I’m going to make you guys one promise, okay?

Greg: What’s that?

Aimee: From now on, anytime someone asks my thoughts on the President, I’ll respond with the safe “no comment.”

Gwen: No! Stick it to him! Twist the knife!

Janie: You see who you’ve emboldened?

Geraldine: Oh, Janie, shut up!

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