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The Ratings Junkie Saturday, July 25, 2015
Welcome back! In case you haven't seen one of these before, there are four features in this post:
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  • A power ranking of the week's top articles based upon how long the article has been available. 
  • My favorite comment of the week (this is the hardest one)
  • One open-ended question that you are more than welcome to answer in the comments.
Remember, the post does not have to have been published this week in order to make the weekly rankings. Also, this feature is ineligible to make the list, as are posts such as the readers' survey, as they do not constitute as full-out articles. Here we go:

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Comment of the Week

This one comes from last week's Top Posts article where I asked the question of which network you would most like to work:


Very interesting question. I think that cable/streaming and broadcast networks take a different approach, so I have two answers, one for each category.
For broadcast networks, it would be NBC. They always have bizarre pickups mixed in with some really promising ideas. This is the network that picked up promising Blindspot and Chicago Med and put them after The Voice (and to be fair, they lucked into the second schedule move) only to somehow think that picking up The Player and People Are Talking will be an asset to their schedule. There needs to be some sort of st andard in pickups and some direction given to the network. I'd focus them more on variety/entertainment/sports route while keeping solid procedurals going to fill in the drama hours.
For cable, it would be TNT. The network is a mess. They really can't figure out if they are procedural, action, or sci fi oriented so they try a combination of all three. Audiences have no clue what this network is targeting, which is causing them to avoid every single show on their network. My first task would be to abandon all sci fi on the network as that is not working. They attempted to acquire Grimm to further themselves in the genre space and it completely bombed on their network. If they can't get it to work in syndication, it won't work in original runs as the audience is not into that channel. Instead, I'd focus it on edgy procedurals and action oriented material (more Transporter and Agent X, less Falling Skies.)
Honorable mention to USA Network and ABC Family. Their networks are almost as messed up as TNT, and they need someone who can lead them as they both are a shadow of what they once were.

I also believe we had two new commenters on the latest renew/cancel post. Congratulations TVHype and rtz4567!

Question of the Week
  1. How would a season premiere or finale of Empire rate after the Super Bowl?

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