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The Ratings Junkie Saturday, July 11, 2015
I promised that if last Saturday's post went well, I would do another this Saturday. There are four features in this post:
  • A raw listing of this week's top articles and its author. Click on the title to see the page.
  • A power ranking of the week's top articles based upon how long the article has been available. 
  • My favorite comment of the week (this is the hardest one)
  • One open-ended question that you are more than welcome to answer in the comments.
Remember, the post does not have to have been published this week in order to make the weekly rankings. Also, this feature is ineligible to make the list, as are posts such as the readers' survey, as they do not constitute as full-out articles. Here we go:

The Raw Rankings

  1. Summer Renew/Cancel Predictions: July 3 by Hunter
  2. What Does CBS's Future Look Like? by Hunter
  3. ABC Comedy Part 5: The Even Bigger Collapse by theratingsjunkie
  4. Summer Renew/Cancel Predictions: July10 by Hunter
  5. Can Dates Hit A 0.0 For The Premiere?  by theratingsjunkie
Coming in 6th for the second straight week was Eric's latest What's Trending post.

The Power Rankings

Question of the Week
  1. When were your favorite TV shows in their peak in terms of quality?

Comment of the Week

This is always hard since there are so many great comments already left on this site. This week, it is the comment below:


I do agree that if POI was owned by CBS it would have gotten two seasons to tell the story that they wanted to tell. I hope it can find a new home, but with Hannibal having been passed on by Amazon and Netflix I realize that if CBS drops it, then there is no guarantee that we will ever get an acceptable ending.

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