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The Ratings Junkie Saturday, July 18, 2015
Welcome back! In case you haven't seen one of these before, there are four features in this post:
  • A raw listing of this week's top articles and its author. Click on the title to see the page.
  • A power ranking of the week's top articles based upon how long the article has been available. 
  • My favorite comment of the week (this is the hardest one)
  • One open-ended question that you are more than welcome to answer in the comments.
Remember, the post does not have to have been published this week in order to make the weekly rankings. Also, this feature is ineligible to make the list, as are posts such as the readers' survey, as they do not constitute as full-out articles. Here we go:

The Raw Rankings

Just one view outside of the list was The TV Ratings Guide Choice Awards Nominations page.

The Power Rankings

I'm still not exactly sure if this is the most accurate way of calculating this (pageviews/days available), but here are the power rankings:
Comment of the Week

This week was really hard considering the comments here were so diverse. I have decided to go with the below comment for providing insight into The Astronaut Wives Club. Thanks to everyone who left a comment and I truly hope you continue to do so, since my favorite part of this site is reading them!

I believe Astronaut's Wives Club is not supposed to have a season 2. It is going through a lot of potential timeline fast.
I'm sure if it had had 2.0+ or even 1.5+ ratings, ABC would have found a way to renew it, but now I don't. It is a true story, and they have burned through half the 60's already.

Question of the Week
  1. Which network, cable channel, or streaming service would you most like to work at?

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