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The Ratings Junkie Saturday, July 04, 2015
I am thinking of making this a feature every Saturday night, where I will highlight the 5 top posts of the week, as well as my favorite comment. This should be especially useful to anyone new visiting the site to see what our current readers are liking the best. There will be a raw list of the most popular pages, as well as power rankings, which will take into consideration how long the post has been available to read. Please keep in mind that although we are looking at the most-viewed pages of the week of June 28, articles posted before then are still eligible. If you have yet to see the article, click on the title and it should redirect you to the page. Here goes:

Raw Rankings

  1. What Does ABC's Future Look Like? by Hunter
  2. The TV Ratings Guide Weekly: Week Ending June 30 by Alan
  3. Summer Renew/Cancel Predictions: Zoo Is Likely To Be Renewed by Hunter
  4. The 7 Least Sucessful Recent CBS Comedies by theratingsjunkie
  5. Summer Renew/Cancel Predictions June 26: The Whispers Will Likely Be Renewed by Hunter
Power Rankings

Comment of the Week

I have to give the first ever TV Ratings Guide Comment of the Week to Omabin for the estimated financial breakdown of whether The Whispers should be renewed or cancelled, which can be found on the latest Renew/Cancel Prediction page. Here is the comment:

My guess on The Whispers is that it comes down to how much the costs can be cut. I think it is just breaking even now.
Assuming a cost of $2300 per episode (We know it started as a regular season budget show but that it was moved to Canada post pilot to accommodate move to summer, so my guess is a bit higher than a CW esque budget, which also films in Canada), and saying it gets a revenue of say $1300 per episode on adds (using past Monday's data as indicator, which was the series low), I think ABC is breaking even or making a bit of money on it now ($1000 does not seem like a stretch to be made out of secondary deals, international sales, DVDs and what's not). So if they were able to cut down costs (and loosing the two main leads sounds like a way to do that), this could be profitable next year. But there are two problems with this. One is that cutting down leads like that could have too big impact on ratings up to the point in which it is no longer profitable. Two is that it takes up valuable post Bachelorette slot; if renewed, it would probably need to be moved and we don't know how low ratings would go in that situation, I think they would go below Mistresses.
So while I think it could happen, I think the risks won't outweigh the potential benefits and that they will cancel it. But a renewal wouldn't surprise me, hence my likely cancellation prediction
    Question of the Week

    Also in this hodge-podge post will be a Question of the Week. This week's question is:

    • Will any show have an episode that rates 0.1 or below in A18-49 this summer?

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