Ratings Premiere Prediction: Quantico

Time SlotSunday at 10
Competition: NFL Football, CSI: Cyber
Lead-in: Blood & Oil
Lead-out: None

Quantico has seen high critical praise so far based on its concept and trailer. Unfortunately, high reviews and high ratings are all but directly proportional. High reviews also don't always mean plump time slots. As a result of Of Kings and Prophets behind retooled, Quantico's time slot went from bad (Tuesday at 10) to worse (Sunday at 10).

Sundays at 10, most people are doing one of three things: a) watching the end of a football game, b) watching a post-Walking Dead recap, or c) getting ready for bed under the false motivation of having a great work week. Notice that none of these include watching a broadcast TV show. This time slot has seen the fall of shows such as Revenge and CSI, as well as numerous failed freshmen. What makes ABC think this show will do much different, and magically launch itself. Based on reviews I would like to see it do well (and seemingly is universally known to be a stronger show creatively than Blood & Oil), and has very minimal scripted competition, but I still can't see this one working. The time slot is just too tough, and should have gone to a struggling veteran like Nashville. 

Range: 0.9-1.5 
Prediction: 1.1

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