Summer Renew/Cancel Week 2: Food Stars to Lose Its Michelin Stars

This week on the Summer Renew/Cancel, it's a Fox-centric update, as the network continues to roll out its summer programming while the other networks take it easy.

Certain to be Canceled:

Likely to be Canceled:
Lingo (0.19, 0.18-0.20)

Leans Cancellation:
Gordon Ramsay's Food Stars (0.18, 0.14-0.19)
I Can See Your Voice (0.22, 0.17-0.31)

Leans Renewal:
Beat Shazam (0.22, 0.19-0.25)
Don't Forget The Lyrics! (0.21, 0.18-0.26)

Likely to be Renewed:
The 1% Club (0.24, 0.23-0.25)
Password (0.26, 0.22-0.29)
The Quiz with Balls (0.26, 0.23-0.29)
Weakest Link (0.24, 0.17-0.30)

Certain to be Renewed:
America's Got Talent (0.47, 0.45-0.51)
American Ninja Warrior (0.33, 0.30-0.36)

Fate Determined:
MasterChef (Renewed)
Name That Tune (Renewed)

Coming Soon:
The Bachelorette
Big Brother
Celebrity Family Feud
Claim to Fame
Judge Steve Harvey
Lucky 13
Press Your Luck
The Real CSI: Miami
Secret Celebrity Renovation
The Wall
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire

Gordon Ramsay's Food Stars: I was already shaky on my initial renewal prediction for this show, and then last week's 0.14 happened. I don't believe that a single bad datapoint is ever enough to doom a show, especially in this streaming-era, but the fact is that this is not just a single bad performance, and this result only exemplifies. the show's poor performance this season. As a whole, Food Stars has been Fox's weakest program this summer, which is far from typical for a Gordon Ramsay series. It's nearly impossible to ever be certain that a Fox show will be canceled, as just last month, they renewed multiple scripted series that have hit 0.1s and are presumably much more expensive than Food Stars. However, Fox has so many Ramsay series that that may actually work against Food Stars. With so many programs to choose from starring their favorite foul-mouthed culinary expert, they can easily stick a different, already-existing Ramsay show behind MasterChef. Food Stars simply seems to have been rejected by the Fox audience, having never been that strong to begin with and then declining nearly 35% this season so far. I was willing to give it the benefit of the doubt to start out the season, but it now LEANS CANCELLATION.

The 1% Club: One of the more unique airing strategies this season is The 1% Club, an adaptation of an extremely successful British game show that is concurrently released by both Amazon Prime Video and Fox. Amazon is the producer of the series, with Fox simply acquiring the broadcast rights, so predicting it is a bit tricky. As it airs on Fox at the same time as its release on Amazon, I will predict it as a Fox original, as I believe its fate on Fox will have a Martin its fate with Amazon. Thus far, the show has performed well for Fox, with a 0.24 in the key demo, rising significantly from its lead-in, Name That Tune (which has already been renewed). The show is likely very cheap for Fox, as an acquisition, and likely isn't all that expensive for Amazon to produce, either. Game shows don't tend to perform all that well on streaming, which is my only reservation in regards to a renewal, but I do expect that the show will return on Fox regardless thanks to its respectable performance thus far, so it starts as a LIKELY RENEWAL.

The Quiz with Balls: I expressed caution with this show following its premiere, as new game shows aren't always terribly stable. However, its decline in week two was minimal, and it jumped to a new high in week three, an impressive feat for any show. This isn't on the same level as fellow new Fox Tuesday game show The Floor was earlier this season, but it's still turning out to be a solid entry for Fox this summer, and is so far their #2 summer series, only behind MasterChef (which it handily beat last week). As hard as it is to admit, 0.3 is a strong rating for Fox at any time of the year, not just the summer. Fox has to be very happy with this performance so far, and it is a LIKELY RENEWAL. A further upgrade isn't out of the question if it can hold up.

What do you think of my predictions? What are your predictions? Let me know in the comments and vote in the poll of the week!

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