Star Ratings--Season 1 (2017)

FOX has impressively held off on starting a musical drama phase just because of Empire's success. In fact, Star is the only one, and it hails from the creator of Empire too. In its first season, it bridged for Empire to decent results; while it fell a lot from its post-Empire premiere, it was still one of FOX's highest-rated shows and didn't really fall from its Lethal Weapon lead-in. In the 2017-18 season, it will be blessed to air after Empire and hopefully grow its audience back more towards that initial 1.6 or higher than the 1.1 it hit for its tenth episode. While no Empire, Star pretty much did what it was supposed to do. I give it a B+ when looking at the A18-49 alone, but its impressive W18-34 numbers bumps it up a little.

Grade: A-

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