Once Upon a Time Ratings--Season 6 (2016-17)

Since Once Upon a Time is a family drama, it seems like ABC is semi-obligated to air it at 8pm. As the ratings show, it can no longer be asked to air at 8pm Sundays though. Since the show is seemingly profitable, next season it will be rebooted after the "final battle" has occurred. A18-49 ratings will be dramatically lower than they were when Last Man Standing aired there, but it will likely still be profitable. Regardless, it did not have a good year this season in the ratings. Its down 32% from last season's raw A18-49 numbers, and its spring numbers were usually below those of America's Funniest Home Videos, a vastly cheaper show. Compared to the rest of ABC's non-Shonda dramas, it actually doesn't look too bad, but this show is way past its prime.

Grade: C-

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