Bob's Burgers Ratings--Season 7 (2016-17)

Bob's Burgers didn't have the best year-to-year trend in terms of scripted shows on FOX this year. It did have the second-best though. Down just 7% in raw A18-49 from last season, Bob's Burgers was actually up in raw numbers for a good portion of the year, and a rather weak spring caused it to dip a little. Regardless, there have been weeks where it was just a tenth behind lead-out The Simpsons, which has gotten much more exposure than the animated show that isn't The Simpsons or Family Guy. Its value for FOX keeps increasing too with it doing so well in syndication. The fact that its had multiple data points in the latter half of the season that were around its seasonal average, though, is a major accomplishment.

Grade: A-

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