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The Ratings Junkie Wednesday, September 15, 1971
2006-07 Soap Ratings -- One More Soap Ends, Continued Erosion Across the Board

2007-08 Soap Ratings -- WGA Strike and Other Forces Sink Soap Ratings

2008-09 Soap Ratings -- A Power Outage Snuffs Guiding Light's 57-Year Soap Record With Cancellation

2009-10 Soap Ratings -- Mercury in Retrograde Leaves As The World Turns Freezing

2010-11 Soap Ratings -- An End of an Era As All My Children Leaves the Nest

2011-12 Soap Ratings -- One Life to Live Dies

2012-13 Soap Ratings -- The New York Purge Cools Most Ratings Hemorrhages

2013-14 Soap Ratings -- GH Ticks Up, Y&R Noses Down

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