The 100 Ratings--Season 4 (2017)

It's hard to be satisfied with the year-to-year trend of Arrow; in its second season, it was down 15%, and in the third, it was down only 6% when aired on Thursdays. This season, it returned to its original time slot behind Arrow, and although it had its best retention yet, it was still down 31% from last season. At the very least, it's pretty steady, at least in A18-49, and has an audience in that age group that is pretty evenly split between men and women. This show really is an underdog though; although it does do shorter seasons, it still is entering its 5th season, which is no small feat. This season, it came in 8th place on The CW out of 15, meaning there were just as many shows ahead of it as behind it. I do wish it was a little bit higher so it could overtake Riverdale and The Vampire Diaries, which had to self-start on Thursdays and Fridays, respectively.

Grade: B

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