Ratings History: 2016-17

Written Marveling at Dynamic Changes by Bridger Cunningham

Please note this incredible compilation is made possible by the dynamic Deadline.com, and it is missing three placements between 53rd-55th.  Also, four reality TV fares have yet to be called for renewal or cancellation, thus their black label.

NBC enjoyed a victorious season as newly scripted This Is Us became the latest sensation to sweep the nation, landing in 5th place.  The peacock network took the gold standard for 1st Place in lieu of their scripted fares rebounding, iced with a healthy dose of sports coverage.  FOX ranked 4th with programming minus sports.  Adding the NFL punt, they landed the silver 2nd Place.  CBS slipped back to 3rd Place as their shows aged, and ABC again claimed an all too familiar 4th Place.  And CW endured a down-tick from their Flash glory since 2014 fading.

Trending Hot -- Creativity landed NBC in 1st as This Is Us somehow captivated its audience.  A perfect storm of crisp writing and stellar performances left viewers so hooked that the peacock granted them a 2-season renewal.  Multiple-season renewals became an accelerating trend as Modern Family, The Big Bang Theory and the Goldbergs also joined the ranks of Bob's Burgers and The Simpsons guaranteed to deliver through 2019.  ABC sitcoms were the one anchor succeeding in their lineup as Tuesdays and Wednesdays generated lightning with the boiler plate of family laughs.  Spinoffs/sequels continued to thrive with mostly positive results in the way of NCIS and anything Chicago-titled.  Coming soon to NBC: Chicago DMV about people waiting in line, Chicago Pizza reliving the glory of Cheers, and Chicago Sewer, exploring the toxic lives of its workers.

Trending Tepid -- Gameshows found their niche in the summer scheduling and are a revolving trend, for better or worse.  Reality TV paled compared to the 2000's but continued belching out winners across three of the networks.  CBS sitcoms found their performance mediocre at best as TBBT softened with age, and their sitcom remains proved to be riding on lead-in's.  Similar to NBC, FOX experienced erosion issues, and NBC regained its Thursday footings with low-rated sitcoms.  TGIT delivered mixed results as Shonda struck out with The Catch and Conviction.  Grey's Anatomy is holding strong, Scandal is out next season and How to Get Away With Murder now only slays 10pm standards.

Trending Cold -- Aging, outsourced sitcoms.  Last Man Standing and 2 Broke Girls met unceremonious ends after 6 seasons. Scheduling shows behind powerful lead-ins burnt out the building strategy as The Big Bang Theory, The Voice, Football and This is Us proved just because a show delivers high ratings does not assure the next scheduled newbie will grow off of their lead-in.  Sundays became the latest graveyard as ABC lost their prominence they held from their Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy, Once Upon a Time and Revenge heydays.

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