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With Netflix releasing viewership figures for their top 10 titles each week, The TV Ratings Guide has created a new Netflix Ratings Database. This database will feature ratings of all shows that spent more than one week in the Global Top 10 TV (English) list. It stores that week’s Hours Viewed and Views metrics, as reported by Netflix. This database also includes a third column, Views Per Episode. This is the average views an episode received as deducted by taking the Netflix-reported ‘Views’ and dividing it by the total number of episodes in the season. Note that Netflix’s Views metric does not equate to the total number of viewers of a series. Rather, it measures the amount of hours a season is viewed divided by the season’s overall run time. It more closely aligns with the number of streams, and does not measure how many people are watching any given stream. 

At Home With The Furys

At Home With The Furys is a reality show starring the real-life heavyweight champion Tyson Fury. It premiered respectably with 3.3 million views, enough for a 4th place ranking. It dipped to 6th place the following week but held up well in all metrics. Over two two weeks it accumulated 700,000 views per episode. 

Black Mirror

The long-anticipated Season 6 of British anthology series Black Mirror spent four weeks in Netflix’s Global Top 10. As one could expect, viewership tapered off in the third and fourth weeks. Still, spending four weeks in the top 10 list is a remarkable feat for any show, never mind one with a five-episode season. During its run in the top 10, Black Mirror Season 6 brought in 31.5 million views, which equates to an average of 6.3 million views per episode. It peaked at #1 in its second week, and spent its first three weeks within the top two on the chart.

Catching Killers

Season 3 of the true crime docuseries Catching Killers spent two weeks in the top 10, the first at #4 and the second at #3 before leaving the list. In those two weeks, the four-episode season averaged 1.8 million views per episode. 


Season 8 of children’s series CoComelon only has one episode, which premiered in April. This makes it remarkable that it managed to spent three weeks in the top 10. The first two weeks were spent at #10, with Week 2 falling only slightly from Week 1. The third non-consecutive week landed at #8. This episode/season has 4.9 million views in those three weeks alone. 


Depp V Heard is a limited series about the tumultuous and well-publicized real-life court hearings between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. It premiered to huge numbers, topping the Top 10 chart. It declined significantly in subsequent weeks, likely due in large part to the limited number of episodes in the series as well as mediocre reviews. Over its first three weeks, it accumulated over 9 million views per episode — less than a tenth of which came in Week 3. 


The fifth and final part of Disenchantment, which also doubles as Season 3, has been a modest success on Netflix’s Top 10 chart. It started at #10 in its first week and rose up to #8 in Week 2. With 10 episodes in a season, its 360,000 views per episode over those two weeks looks paltry in comparison to many other shows that make the list.  

Fatal Seduction

Fatal Seduction is a South African series that spent its first six weeks in the Global Top 10. The fifth week benefitted greatly in hours viewed and moderately in views by Netflix taking a split season approach; they released the first seven episodes in July and the next seven in August. It’s racked up over 2.7 million views per episode since premiering. It peaked at #3, a position it held for two weeks.

Gabby’s Dollhouse

Season 8 of children’s series Gabby’s Dollhouse premiered at #3 on the chart before slipping to #6 in Week 2 and #9 in Week 3, where it stayed in Week 4. That’s good enough to make it the most-viewed children’s show in the first three weeks, while slipping behind CoComelon in the fourth. In total, Season 8 has accumulated over 1.6 million views per episode. 


Season 2 of dramedy Glamorous made the Top 10 for two weeks, peaking at #4. In those two weeks, episodes amassed an average of 580,000 views. Despite making it two weeks in the Top 10, this is a relatively modest number of views. 


Season 2 of British dramedy Heartstopper spent three week in Netflix’s Top 10. It peaked at #2 in its debut week before declining in Weeks 2 and 3. Over its first three weeks, it has an average of 1,487,500 views per episode.

Is It Cake, Too?

Is It Cake, Too?, the second season of the game show Is It Cake?, managed two weeks in the Top 10. It peaked at #5 in Week 1 and dropped down to #8 in Week 2 before falling off the list. In those two weeks, the eight-episode season racked in an average of 825,000 views per episode.

Live to 100: Secrets of the Blue Zones

Live to 100: Secrets of the Blue Zones spent its first two weeks inside the Top 5, the first at #3 and the second at #5. Although it took a significant drop in its second week, it still managed an average of 2.2 million views per episodes in its first two weeks.

Om Nom Stories

British children's’ web series Om Nom Stories now has a Netflix adaptation, which has spent two weeks in Netflix’s Top 10. It debuted at #9 on the list in Week 1 before peaking at #7 in Week 2. In those two weeks, the three released episodes received an average of roughly 1.36 million views. 


Action drama Japanese manga adaptation ONE PIECE has been a massive success for Netflix, landing at #1 in its first two weeks and crushing the competition in Hours Viewed. The eight-episode series has amassed on average over two million views per episode in each week, totaling over 4.7 million views per episode.

Our Planet II

Our Planet is a British documentary series hailing from the team behind Planet Earth. Our Planet II is effectively the four-episode second season of Our Planet, a show that premiered in 2019. Our Planet II spent three weeks in the Global Top 10, peaking at #3 and racking up an average of 2.6 million views per episode in those weeks.


Limited series Painkiller debuted at #1 in Week 1. While it rose in Hours Viewed and Views in Week 2, a strong start by fellow limited series Depp v Heard bumped it down to #2. It saw diminishing returns after Week 2, but still managed to stay in the Top 10 for five weeks. Over those five weeks, it accumulated roughly 4.85 million views per episode. 


Quarterback is a documentary series about quarterbacks in the NFL. It’s rather impressive that it managed three weeks in the top 10, peaking at #6. It saw a drop-off in audience in each subsequent week after its first week, which is to be expected. With an eight episode season, we can deduct it averaged 987,500 views per episode within these first three weeks. 

Sonic Prime

Cartoon Sonic Prime spent two weeks in the Top 10, both of which were at #10. In terms of Views, it peaked in Week 1 and declined a bit in Week 2. In those two weeks, it brought in 562,500 views per episode. 

Survival of the Thickest

Survival of the Thickest is a new American dramedy focusing on the aftermath of a breakup that the main character, a plus-sized woman, is going through. It spent three weeks in the top 10, all of which were within the top 5. It peaked at #4 in its first week and actually saw a slight uptick in views in Week 2. Within the three weeks that it made the top 10, the 8-episode season averaged 1,212,500 views per episode.

Sweet Magnolias

Season 3 of Sweet Magnolias, a romantic drama, has spent four weeks in the top 10. It debuted at #1 on the chart before dipping to #2 in Week 2, even with an increase in views. In week 3, it dipped again to #4. It fell to #9 in its fourth week, bringing in an average of 1.47 million views per episode over those four weeks.

The Lincoln Lawyer

Season 2 of The Lincoln Lawyer has spent eight weeks in the top 10. Two of these weeks were at #1, including Week 5. The Week 5 figures benefitted from Netflix’s split season approach to Season 2. Five episodes were released in July, with the other five episodes released in August. That would explain the massive uptick in Hours Viewed in Week 5, compared to the relatively smaller uptick in Views. The second season of this legal drama has also led to renewed interest in Season 1, which notched 11 overall weeks in the Top 10. Throughout the first eight weeks, The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2 has amassed an average of 6,330,000 views per episode. 

The Ultimatum: Marry or Move

Season 2 of The Ultimatum: Marry or Move managed two weeks at #5 on Netflix’s Top 10 list, with Week 2 increasing in hours viewed but decreasing in views due to the nature of the release schedule. Over those two weeks, it racked up 670,000 views per episode.

The Witcher

Season 3 of Netflix’s massively popular fantasy series The Witcher has spent eight weeks inside Netflix’s Top 10 list. It topped the list three times; its first two weeks as well as Week 5. This is another show that benefitted from a split season release, with 5 episodes released in June and the final 3 in July. With this approach, it’s quite possible the eight-episode season manages to spend eight weeks in the Top 10. Results have varied depending on how long it had been since any episodes were released, but it has yet to fall below #3. In its first seven weeks, it has amassed an average of over 10 million views per episode. 

Too Hot to Handle

Season 5 of Too Hot To Handle, a British dating game, has spent four weeks inside Netflix’s Top 10. It was released in three parts, likely helping its longevity on the list. Through its first four weeks, it’s had an average of nearly 1.8 million views per episode and peaked at #3. 

Untold: Swamp Kings

Untold: Swamp Kings, focusing on the Florida Gators in the 2000s, lasted two weeks inside Netflix’s Top 10 list. It saw a fairly strong premiere before dropping off in Week 2, accumulating just over 1.7 million views per episode in those two weeks total. 

Who Is Erin Carter?

Limited series drama Who is Erin Carter provided positive results for Netflix, debuting at #1 with over 13 million views. It slipped to #2 in Week 2 despite an increase in views, and again in Week 3. Despite the steep decline in Week 3, it still managed to hold onto the #3 spot and approach over 5 million views per episode. 

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