FXX Greenlights Jessica Lange Sitcom "Nun of This"


Frightened of Sister Jude in American Horror Story's 2nd Season?  She has her hand full as she has run out of rulers to beat some sense into delusional writer Luke Parker who believed he crafted a masterpiece in a script he titled Sharshit, which casting agents attempted to salvage by rebranding "The Chocolate Starfish." Enter Sister Jude (Jessica Lange), who is well equipped to beat some sense int this pint-sized sociopath shorter than Danny DeVito, forming the premise of "Nun of This." 

Corporal punishment may be faux pas today, and thankfully Nun of This will give viewers a dose of nostalgia as Sister Jude is in her element in the 1950's beating people with rulers and throwing her clogs at the unruly.  But can she get through to a pint-sized midget who manipulates her worse than someone possessed by the devil?  Viewers shall expect to take a beating in late 2021 when Nun of This comes to the schedule 

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