EXCLUSIVE Pilot Watch: The Preliminary Favorites

Written on April 13, 2019

DISCLAIMER: This is The TV Ratings Guide's first-ever time with an inside source. This type of thing tends to change frequently, as not all pilots have been filmed and testing is ongoing. Still, here is what we are hearing looks good for a pickup and what does not as of now.

ABC Comedy
When it comes to ABC's comedy department, Happy Accident appears to be the front runner, and we hear right now there's around an 80% chance it gets picked up. We hear it is a pet project from Karey. Nana is a possibility, but there does not seem to be all that much internal support surrounding it. Still, it appears to be the one most likely to work in the post-The Conners time slot. Hannah is considered just barely more likely than not to be picked up, at about 55% odds.

The untitled Black-ish spinoff and the Jessica Gao project are not looking good, nor is Woman Up. We're told if either of the former two is still in the running, it's the Jessica Gao project.

Our source is yet to hear word about Pastorized or United We Fall.

ABC Drama
The TV Ratings Guide is hearing that The Baker and the Beauty is looking solid for a pickup, with around an 80% chance of going to series. Until The Wedding also has buzz, though it is unlikely both it and The Baker and the Beauty get series orders. The Hypnotist's Love Story is looking more likely than not to be ordered to series, with our source giving it around a 60% chance.

When it comes to reboots and revivals, we hear ABC plans to order one of NY Undercover and NYPD Blue, though it does not appear that one currently has the edge above the other at this point.

Triangle and Heart of Life are still in production, and are very much possibilities. There hasn't been much noise surrounding Wright, and Stumptown does not appear to be in the running at this time.

This is all part of a plan for ABC to bring back women viewers.

CBS Comedy
As of now, all signs point to Carol's Second Act and Bob (Hearts) Abishola scoring series orders, with especially the former looking good. Super Stimple Love Story (formerly The Story Of Us) and To Whom It May Concern are given around a 70% chance of being ordered. The Unicorn also has a chance (around 55%).

CBS comedy is subject to change, as a few pilots have yet to film or are just finished filming. As usual, the fate of bubble shows remain in the hands of the pilots. These are Broke, The Emperor of Malibu, and Our House (not to be confused with the TVRGO show).

CBS Drama
Right now, the three dramas looking best for a series order are Evil, The Republic of Sarah, and FBI: Most Wanted. Under The Bridge is looking more likely than not to be picked up, though it is more iffy than the other three shows. Alive is also being talked about.

Nothing has been heard on Courthouse, Surveillance, or Tommy.

This is an effort for CBS to diversify their drama department slightly, but not take a full pivot away from their current brand.

The CW
Katy Keene is looking best for The CW right now, mostly to capitalize on Riverdale's success. Early buzz is being generated, and our source is hearing that Netflix is interested in it in the small chance that The CW decides not to move forward with it. Batwoman, from the Arrowverse, has 2nd priority right now, with Jane the Novella and Nancy Drew also more likely than not to be ordered. Nancy Drew's appeal comes from the paranormal take and the murder mystery aspect.

We're hearing that it's a 50/50 chance for Glamorous, and it is considered to be off-brand for the network. There isn't much talk surrounding The Lost Boys, and is more likely than not to be rejected at this point.

FOX Comedy
We hear that FOX does not have much room for live-action comedy next season. None are looking extra hot at the moment, though Geniuses would be the one most likely to score a series order, maybe best paired with Last Man Standing. Adam & Eve would be next in line, followed by Patty's Auto. Richard Lovely has a chance, but is more likely than not to be passed on as of now.

We hear that FOX is considering making Tuesday a two-hour comedy block, which is the reason for lots of orders in the comedy department despite not having the room currently. Expect to see more than one ordered.

FOX Drama
We're being told Filthy Rich is almost a guaranteed to be ordered to series. Lovestruck has a solid chance of being ordered, we're being told around 70% odds.

Prodigal Son and Sisters do not have much talk, and are less likely to see series orders. Deputy does not appear to have buzz. Nothing has been heard about Next.

FOX's drama strategy is to make soapy shows akin to Empire, and they have higher standards for their shows in the New Fox era.

NBC Comedy
NBC's top three comedies right now, in no particular order, appear to be Perfect Harmony, Like Magic, and The Kenan Show. Like Magic is being considered to be a show to capitalize on Superstore's success, and The Kenan Show gives NBC an opportunity to put new life into the comedy department.

NBC Drama
Bluff City Law is looking OK right now, with around a 70% chance of being ordered. Emergence is also more likely than not to be ordered. While Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist is getting some buzz, as of now it doesn't appear to be getting a series order. Council of Dads is very much a possibility depending on how the final product looks after post-production is complete. There are also mentions for Lincoln, but it is not a front runner.

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