2 Years

On June 26, 2016, I slammed the orange button on my worn-out Dell laptop and published my first article on The TV Ratings Guide. It was remarkably gratifying to be part of an established website. Although the article in question wasn't particularly long or meaningful, it felt incredible to call myself an author. I was part of a team. Two years have passed since that date. During this period of time, I have consistently published a variety of content. I've written show reviews, renew/cancel updates, daily ratings, opinionated articles, and much more. I'm proud and grateful that I've been a member of this incredible site for so long. With that, I have to announce that I am leaving. Although I cannot elaborate at the moment, I have received an offer at another site. The TV Ratings Guide gave me a platform for my writing to improve and evolve. For that, I will always be thankful for. For what it's worth, I may occasionally return to check in or perhaps write an article. I thank the wonderful writing staff and wish everybody good luck. The TV Ratings Guide has grown immensely since 2016. I hope to see it continue to rise through the ranks.

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