A Fond Farewell and Thank You to TVRG

Written in Finality and Fond Memories by Bridger Cunningham.

To my beloved TVRG readers and fellow contributors,

Thank you for making TVRG a memorable experience, as I have elected to exit TVRG after a memorable and enjoyable experience.  I am amidst negotiating a new writing gig in Quarter 3, and in the meantime will take the upcoming weeks to prepare for my next assignment as well as focus on my non-writing adventures this summer.  I crafted "an exit" article in lieu of this year's April Fool's celebration (as well as another contributor's, in knee-jerk, realistic style and parody), and report this exit is reality.

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience, particularly the lively community of external commenters who joined my crass humor in hashing out television's finest and worst moments.  And of course, nothing brought greater joy than pioneering the internet's first location for comprehensive ratings history.  I leave this as my closing gift for all of you and hope the internet community enjoys this advance of digital media.

The Sitcom Scorecard is on the move and will debut on my new outlet soon.  Curious to its new location?  Feel free to follow me on Twitter under my account https://twitter.com/DumpsterFireTV.  A special thank you to Jessica Boggs, as your writing style made us quite the internet couple ;).  Ahmad Uhsufsy always provided the grounding for our site with relevance.  Jonathan Ducote brought the passion to the articles, and Aasim Pasha and Jordan Harrington always spiced up the articles with welcome entries rife with passion.  Rebecca Bunch always held down the posts in timely manner, and Hunter Vogt delivered this site's sturdy roster of reviews.  And The Ratings Junkie?  Stay tuned, as he is calling upon his prowess and leadership to deliver new talents to tell entertaining stories to keep TVRG running.  Thank you for taking a chance on my wicked writing style and leaving me with much creative room to explore shades of writing.

As for my beloved commenters, thank you for joining me on this venture.  Tommie, keep the colorful European humor alive.  Gena, thank you for being the heartfelt compass of the site, and SuperG, keep keep an eye on CBS as they're going to have a fun year.  There are too many mentions to close this article, but I always cherished you.  Stay tuned, as I will pop up in the comments and say hello from time to time.  Till next time....

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